March 12th, 2008

Birds: Owl (Moon)


sagaluthien asked some interesting questions on her LJ about WIPs. I answered her questions there and am also posting my answers here.

Fundamentally Saga and I, to an extent, mean different things by the term 'WIP' certainly when using the term for our stories.

I use the 'WIP' to refer to 'A story on which I am working, which will NEVER get posted until it is completed'.

Saga, based on the questions she asked, is using it more in terms of 'A story on which I'm working, which I post in parts as I go alone, before the story is completed'.

Also, I don't read WIPs, so some of the questions didn't really apply to me in the way they would to other people.

Nonetheless, as I enjoy all things related to discussing writing, etc. I thought I'd answer the questions. And I'm also going to share my answers here.

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