January 30th, 2008

My dogs: Tansy

My first real PSP graphics

I made these totally in PSP - no cheating and doing them in Photo Draw first.

Two Gibbs/Ducky (or Gibbs&Ducky) wallpapers (one really, just two different colour backgrounds) and icons made from said wallpaper.

I probably did it the long winded way - but at least I can remember how I achieved the effects. So overall I'm quite chuffed with them (I now have the grey version as my desktop on my PC and laptop).

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My dogs: Tansy

Crack Van Rec 13: Gut Instincts by Leda Speaks (PG-13)

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
Author on LJ: leda_speaks
Author Website: N/A

Why this must be read:

This is Leda's first Gibbs/Ducky story (and I do hope it won't be her last). It was written for me and Leda really went to a great amount of trouble to make it 'fit' and 'right' - and she succeeded.  It's a first time story and its premise has Gibbs applying his gut, urged to do so by Abby, to other areas of his life besides work. Basically Abby plays 'matchmaker' to get Gibbs to see who is right for him - Ducky. And the story deals with how he finally works this out.

Leda writes all the characters extremely well, they are utterly believable, she gets an excellent mix of emotions into it - caring, affection, understanding, love, tenderness, humour, to name but a few, and even manages to make me not hate Hollis Mann, who makes a brief appearance. In many ways Gibbs working his way through his feelings and rationalising his life and his behaviour and what he's done is very much like the way he works his way through a case, and it works extremely well. Leda shows how the deep, lasting and intense friendship between Gibbs and Ducky shines through, even before their relationship moves on to another level.

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Gut Instincts