December 31st, 2007

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Books read 2007

Following in the footsteps of several of my flist (in particular caffyolay) I decided to do, unofficially, the '50 books in a year challenge. And on the first of each month I have been posting the books read in the previous month and keeping a tally.

I was more than a little surprised to see today, when I came to look at the final, final amount, that I have read 133 books this year. Whether this is 'normal', I don't know, as this is the first time I've kept a list. However, I don't feel as though I've read a vast amount more or less than I normally do, thus I assume it must be somewhere in this region.

The vast amount of the books are detective fiction of one type of another and mostly the most 'cosy' mystery. And it's fair to say that a lot of the books are 'easy' reads; there have been very few challenging books, hence that will be one reasons for the high number. Nonetheless, reading is about enjoyment, and I've certainly enjoyed the majority of the books I have read this year. Some have been re-reads and a lot will certainly be re-read (or even re-re-re-read *g*), with only a handful already consigned to the 'out in-one-form-or-another' box.

The fewest books I read in a month was eight; the most fourteen; the average number eleven.

Whether I'll keep track in 2008, I've yet to decide.

However, if anyone is interested, behind the cut are the books listed by month.

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Fiction Meme - 2007

I am going to continue my tradition of rounding up the year by doing this meme.

Previous years can be found here:

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By Fandom

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About the stories

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I guess we all do 'crazy' in some form or other, right?

Well this is Nikki's form of 'crazy'.

For 364 days a year I am not on-line after 6:00p.m. (6:30 at the absolute latest). I am in bed by 9:00/9:30 p.m. (albeit reading until 11:00/11:30).

Then one night a year, I am here, on-line at (looks at clock) 11.25 p.m. listening to Classic FM, just waiting for Big Ben to chime.


No, not so J and I can wish one another a 'Happy New Year' he'll probably be asleep by then. But so that I can post my story to ncis_tinsel at 00:01 01/01/08, and of course my persona HNY message to my beloved flist.



But so what?

It's what I do.

It makes me happy - and that is what matters, yes?

*Goes back to reading her flist at his 'odd' time of day*

HNY message to follow in 31 minutes :-))