August 22nd, 2007

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On migration and friendship

Some ponderings I have had about the migration.

Please note: I do not have any universal answers to my questions. Nor is it personally how I feel. I cannot state this strongly enough.

These are just randomly connected musings and questions based on things I have seen around LJ in general and thoughts of the 'what if' kind I have had.

Some people have left LJ for pastures new and I wondered how other people were keeping the contact (assuming they want to) going.

One way is to set up RSS feeds, but they don't work if the person makes a flocked post over on their new journal. Thus in order to read the posts, you are 'forced' into setting up a new journal yourself, even if it's only for reading purposes, so that you can keep up with your friends.

However, how does it work the other way?

Are people who have fled LJ for posting purposes still reading their LJ flist? Do those remaining on LJ expect those who have fled to be doing so? After all, if the LJ folk are keeping up with their 'left LJ' friends by going over to a new journalling site, do they not expect their friends to meet them halfway, and at least read their LJ posts?

Crossposting to other journals, which I know some people are doing, is one answer, but that has its downsides too. It could again be seen as the friendship being one-sided, with the LJ person making all the effort. 

I have also seen some people bemoaning the fact that with crossposting it is splintering the usual discussions that take place within comments; after all most people will only comment in one journal. Or will they? I'm making an assumption here based on what I have seen, what I do with crossposts. However, do people, in fact, comment, with the same comment or a different one, in more than one place?

Do people who have left LJ expect their LJ friends to crosspost? And if so, why aren't they doing the same thing? Well I assume the answer to the latter question is because they've left LJ because of their feelings about LJ, and not because of their friends, and do not want any of their post to appear on LJ any longer.

And how do people feel when they see their friends posting on other journals saying how much happier they are, how much nicer that journal is, even how much nicer the people are? Does the former not really matter, i.e. the fact that the new journal is 'nicer'? Whereas the latter, the 'people are nicer' does matter more? Or do people not take it as a personal affront?

Are those people who haven't left LJ having to make more of an effort to remain in contact with their friends than those people who have left LJ? And if so, does it matter?

Clearly there isn't a universal answer/solution. Each person is doing what works for them, and I suspect might well be doing different things for different friends, depending on the level of friendship that existed and how important the person who has left is to them (which makes perfect sense).

I merely wondered what different people were doing and how they felt.

I am not implying that those who had left LJ weren't making any effort to keep up with those who remained on LJ, or vice versa. I do not personally feel that at all. I am merely offering up some questions and points that I have seen.

I have friends who have left LJ, and I completely understand and respect their decision to do so. I am sorry they have gone and I miss seeing them here. However, I do not wish to lose contact with those people so I keep up to date with them via their new journals (some via feeds, some by reading my flist on the new journal) and interact with them there. They are worth the effort for me to do so, after all they did not leave LJ because of me or their other friends.