July 17th, 2007

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Journal Theme Follow Up

Firstly thank you to those who took the poll and/or commented either here and/or on ncis_gibbsducky

The results here and on my own LJ do indeed show that there seems to be a link between IE and Component (and IE7 is worse than IE6). The problem does not exist for all IE users, but certainly everyone who said that they had a problem 'virtually all of the time' do use IE as their main browser. Whether the problem is an IE coding one or an LJ coding one (or a combination of both, I honestly have no idea), but there is a link.

As yet I haven't decided whether I am going to change my journal style or not. I've had it pretty much ever since I've been here, so it might be time for a change. I shall ponder further and look at the other themes on offer and play around.

In the meantime I have made a small change to the theme, which might help those who have problems 'some of the time' and indeed might even help some of you who have problems 'all of the time'.

I have reduced the number of posts per page considerably. (I knew I had quite a high number, but until I checked I hadn't realised quite how high *gulp* - apologies).

I am also thinking about getting rid of the Page Summary component.

As some people commented that they have problems with a number of LJ themes, I'm passing on a couple of tips that might help out generally.

They are both to do with forcing your particular theme on entries, when you view them (rather like the way people view their flist).

The first one is on an entry-by-entry basis; you simply add:


to the end of the particular URL entry.

E.G. http://nakeisha.livejournal.com/273865.html?style=mine will show the entry I made yesterday in your own personal LJ style. Thank you, goodnightlady.

Another way, which appears to be an 'overall' setting i.e. it basically does what the above does but you don't have to type anything in, is to set your Viewing Options so that when you click on a link/LJ cut via your friends page, you will view it in your own scheme.

To do that go to:

- Viewing Options.
- Scroll down to the box that says 'Comment pages'.
- Tick the box next to 'View comment pages in your own journal style'.
- Go to the end an 'Save Changes'.

And that should mean that whenever you follow a link from your flist (not the journal/community itself, just a link to a particular post) you should see it in your own journal style.

In case anyone wishes to take a bigger step and change browser (a couple of people have moved to Opera over the last day or so and love it) here are a couple of links:



My personal favourite is Opera, I find it extremely user-friendly and flexible and it has everything I want. The only downside with Opera is that there are a few sites that won't work with Opera, because they've been badly designed/written.

I know that Firefox is very popular and loved by most who use it. It is also, I understand, highly customisable. Having mentioned the problem with Opera and a few sites, the problem can also occur with Firefox too. A couple of times I've tried Firefox when Opera wouldn't work, only to find that I had to use IE6.

Thank you again for your assistance with this.