July 9th, 2007

Birds: Seagull (Summer)

This and That

So Wimbledon is over for another year (if you've been wondering why I haven't been around much, that's why). I must say that for the first time since Ivanisevic beat Rafter, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the Men's Final. I think that Federer is a great player, his skill is amazing, but I do often find him quite boring to watch and his matches are often so predictable. But this year, well five sets and Nadal pushed him all the way. An excellent final.

And then a superb Mixed Doubles final, and Britain actually has a champion for the first time since John Lloyd took the same title with Wendy Turnball. Even J watched and thoroughly enjoyed the Mixed Double's final, and he doesn't really enjoy watching tennis at all. A great way to round off the fortnight.

But now, as always, I have my post-Wimbledon 'blues'.

Lacey is certainly a character (and a half). During our recent 'room move' we certainly found her in some unusual places. At one point, after he'd finished emptying my cupboard prior to it being moved, I heard J laughing and went to see why. There was Lacey inside the cupboard curled up on the bottom shelf. The next day, when he emptied a bookcase, she calmly hopped onto the bottom shelf and settled down. Then we found her on the bottom 'shelf' of a trolley. Hmmm. She also, like Tansy, likes being under things and she'll now often curl up under tables and peek out at us - rather like an indoor kennel.

Her other passion is for soft toys. As a lot of you know, I share that passion and have quite a few of them. Tansy never used to bother about them, Lacey, however, does. She will sit and stare at them, try to jump up to get them and make little noises. Now whether it's just because she used to have some soft toys (and she does now have a couple of her own) and thus thinks that all soft toys are hers, or whether she thinks that some of them are other doggies, we know not. However, she's become obsessed with one particular one at the moment and spent over an hour just sitting looking at it.

Things to do now that Wimbledon and our 'room move' is over:

- Finish the edits for periwinkle27 for the Gibbs/Ducky I'm submitting for her zine.
- Write my story for ncis_ficathon. This is really worrying me, as thus far I really haven't got any idea of what to write. This has never happened to me before, usually a have an idea immediately and write the story straight away. But this time . . . I have a vague idea, but I'm just not sure it's going to be a story rather than just a collection of scenes. *Gulp*
- Catch up with various people to whom I own emails, IM chats.