July 1st, 2007

Nature: Moon (Night)

Books read in June 2007

June was a fairly 'quiet' month book-wise. I seemed to have less time than usual to read, which was partly getting Lacey and adjusting to having a dog again, and trying to settle into a new routine, which also meant I was more tired/in more pain, thus didn't settled down to sleep earlier at night, rather than read.

This month consists mostly of books I shall be re-reading at some time.

I know what you mean about Never The Bride caffyolay. An interesting read, but . . .

The Friday Night Knitting Club. I was really enjoying right up until the end of the penultimate chapter, the the author through in such an out of the blue curve, that I'm pretty sure I won't be re-reading it. Which is a shame,  but having invested so much in the characters and their lives, I was really quite upset by the ending.

A Cat Called Birmingham is a book my mother-in-law gave me. Very short, but hilarious.

JUNE (8)

Divas Don't Knit - Girl McNeil
Death Under The Dryer - Simon Brett
A Cat Called Birmingham - Chris Ascorbic
Never The Bride - Paul Mars
An English Murder - Cyril Hare
Dead And Doggone - Susan Conant
The Friday Night Knitting Club - Kate Jacobs