June 30th, 2007

Misc: Garfield & Teddy

The things one does when

It's raining at Wimbledon.

One takes on yet another challenge.

This one is 36_plots and it looks really intriguing and somewhat different. It is based on The 36 Basic Plots by Georges Polti. The theory is that all fictional writing is based on one of these core 36 basic plot lines.

I wasn't going to sign up because it was a post once every three months or apply for an extension (which would be granted)/lose your claim. But then the Mod changed it to a purge of claims once a year. I also thought it would be the ideal opportunity to write some case related/heavily plotted stories, of which I've (surprisingly) written very few for Gibbs/Ducky.
So . . .


01. Supplication. 02. Deliverance. 03. Revenge. 04. Vengeance By Family
Upon Family
05. Pursuit. 06.Victim Of Cruelty
Or Misfortune.
07. Disaster. 08. Revolt.
10. Abduction. 11.Enigma. 12. Obtaining.
13. Family Hatred. 14. Family Rivalry. 15. Murderous
16. Madness.
17. Fatal Imprudence. 18. Involuntary Crimes
Of Love.
19. Kinsman Kills
Unrecognized Kinsman
20. Self Sacrifice
For An Ideal.
21. Self Sacrifice
For Kindred
22. All Sacrificed
For Passion
23.Sacrifice Of
Loved Ones
24. Rivalry Between Superior
And Inferior.
25. Adultery. 26. Crimes Of Love. 27.Discovery Of Dishonor Of
A Loved One.
28. Obstacles Of Love.
29. Enemy Of Love 30. Ambition. 31. Conflict With
32.Mistaken Jealousy
33. Faulty Judgement. 34.Remorse. 35. Recovery Of
A Lost One.
36. Loss Of Loved Ones

36/36 - Completed 25th May 2011