June 21st, 2007

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LJ comments on illegal content

As seen on lj_biz.

Two posts concerning illegal content have been posted.

What Happened, A Recap by burr86

We've been reviewing our policy regarding illegal activity on LiveJournal for several months (long before we received reports from any outside organizations). We found ways that we could more strictly enforce our policy to make a better effort at preventing people from using LiveJournal to organize, encourage, or participate in activities such as the sexual abuse of children. In particular, we wanted to make sure that we were evaluating profiles the same way we evaluate journals or entries themselves.


Barak will be posting in a little bit to reiterate our policy on illegal content. We know that a lot of people are worried -- but please understand that the policies haven't changed. We made a mistake in enforcing the policies in a high-profile instance that affected hundreds of accounts, and we've been working ever since to correct that mistake. Hopefully this post and Barak's post answered the questions you had. (And, as ever, we're still reading the comments, even if we can't reply to each one individually.)

Goals And Guidelines by barakb25

Our number one goal is to encourage and promote a free and open community. We will only intervene to the extent needed to avoid the site being used as a vehicle for illegal activities. The policies are simple.


Your profile is part of your journal. If your profile, taken as a whole, breaks these policies, we will treat it the same as if it were in an entry or comment. For years, we have had these policies, but there were aspects of them that were not as clear as desired. We are making no major policy changes, we have made no changes to the TOS, and we do not anticipate making any changes in the future.

We are also reviewing our internal procedures and the communications we use to explain those procedures. We will also work on ways to make it easier for the community to report abusive or offensive content. I hope this makes things a lot clearer for everyone.

The full posts can be found by following the links.
Teddy: Tatty (Sewing)

Apparently . . .

It's the first day of summer today.

*Looks out of window* Well, the sun is shining, so . . .

A Happy Summer Solstice

To those of you on my flist who celebrate it.

And *bounces happily* it's the longest day! Which means that from here on in the days get shorter and the nights longer (even if it's hardly noticeable for a while). As many of you know, that makes me so happy.

And to continue my mini-series of Season Drabbles based on my Default User Icon (although Lacey believes that she should now be my default icon) I give you.

Summer Heat


His lover’s least favorite season. A time when he slowed down; seemed less vivid; shone less brightly.

The man watched his lover at rest seated next to the water, which made the sultry heat more bearable.

The water shimmered as heat bounced off it, and sails of boats fluttered in the light breeze.

Their decision to leave their jobs, to retire, to spend summer by the sea, had been right.

When summer gave way to autumn, his lover would once again brighten.

In the meantime, he would do his best to keep the worst of the heat at bay.