June 4th, 2007

Teddy: Sleeping

Thank you, my friends

For helping to make my birthday such a wonderful one.

Thank you for the gifts - both virtual and non-virtual.

Thank you for the stories.

Thank you for all of the lovely posts and comments.

Thank you for the cards, ecards and emails.

I had a really lovely day yesterday. Quiet, but that suited me perfectly. We did think about going out for a meal in the evening, but I still haven't recovered fully from Grandma's visit and the trip to the dentists, so we stayed at home had a nice meal and a glass or two of wine and watched some DVDs. My parents are coming over for tea on Wednesday and Mother is making me a cake (coffee, my favourite), so I get an extended birthday.

I am forever grateful and so happy to have such a wonderful, caring flist.

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