May 31st, 2007

Animals: Deer & Rabbit

Not that I'm paranoid, but . . .

I hope that following the explanation and apology by The Chairman and CEO Six Apart, that things will begin to return to normal, ASAP. I know that some folk still have concerns, and there are some grey areas in the letter, but I'm hopeful.

However, just in case (and being the paranoid person that I am) I do have a Greatest Journal account. I nabbed the name some time ago, but never did anything with it.

I'm hoping that I won't have to move over there; I love LJ. I have a wonderful friends base here, various Comms that I own and run, lots of fanfic challenges that I've taken up, and despite its problems and the niggles, rants it can cause, I find it user friendly and great fun to use.

But just in case, you can find me at:


And also, for Gibbs/Ducky fen, I decided to go ahead and set up a back-up community, again just in case.

Old Friends And Lovers

There is a little blurb for both accounts and some user interests, and I've even made a brief post on both, but other than that, there's nothing there. It's just the whole 'belt and braces' and 'better to be safe than sorry' thing.

On top of that, I've archived my own LJ and ncis_gibbsducky.