February 16th, 2007

Teddy: Stethoscope

A Change of Plan

The Disability Specialist from the garage phoned, fortunately before J had left to collect the car (just) to say that whilst she was off yesterday, the car we were going to borrow had been sold, and the other demonstration model had been booked out all day. She'll call us again on Monday to confirm when we can borrow a car, once she's checked with the person who has the car now.

So am I going to be around today and tomorrow after all.

Thank you for the good vibes and finger crossings - I'll let you know when you need to resend them :-)

The slightly spooky thing is that I thought about suggesting to J that he ring the garage before he left, just to check that everything was still fine. Then I decided not to and told myself it was just me being ultra-paranoid!