February 13th, 2007

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More challenges

I blame aingeal8c and EB6 for this :-)

As some of you may recall one of my Fannish New Year's Resolutions was to write at least one story in my other fandoms.

I was talking to aingeal8c about this recently, following a challenge on ds_closet and saying how as I found that challenges focussed my mind and maybe I should take on a challenge for my other fandoms, to help me fulfil my resolution. Rather than try to restrain me, she encouraged me :-)

So I have decided to do that thing.

I am going to do (assuming my request is approved) the 10_prompts challenge for:

Due South - Fraser/Vecchio
Sapphire & Steel - Silver/Steel
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon/Illya
The Professionals - Bodie/Doyle

I am also going to do (again assuming my request is approved) the tentinyfandoms challenge for:

Five Pairings. For this challenge you have to write a total of ten stories split by either two fandoms (five stories each), five fandoms (two stories each) or ten fandoms (one story each), and all fandoms (not just the pairing) have to be small ones.

The fandoms/pairings I am going to write are:

Raffles - Raffles/Bunny
Sapphire & Steel - Sapphire/Steel
The Dalgliesh Mysteries - Dalgliesh/Massingham
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Lynley/Havers (I've never written this pairing, but I needed a fifth and as none of my other fandoms fit, I decided to give it a go).
The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie

A total of another 50 stories. Wish me luck!

ETA Okay, I have to confess that, once again thanks to aingeal8c's encouragement, that I am adding another 50 Gibbs/Ducky stories to the list. Well, hopefully, I'm still waiting for approval.

I saw the Comm and prompts and, well you know me and my love of romance and my pair being in love, I had to go for it. It's 50_lovequotes.

I know, I know mad. Utterly and totally. *Sheepish grin*

So now, make that another 100 stories. *Nods, I can do that*.

ETA 2 For this I blame femme_slash_fan who found this Comm - lover100 - and shared it.

Once I'd seen the tables, I just had to sign up for Gibbs/Ducky. After all, what's another 100 stories?

So a mere 200 stories on top of the 40ish I have left from my other claims. Hmmmm.

ETA 3 I have decided, for now at least, to be sensible and withdraw my claim from 50_lovequotes (not that it had been approved). So that leaves me just an extra 150 stories.

ETA 4 This time I'm blaming lilly_g_potter. I have decided to resurrect my 50_lovequotes claim, as I saw that she'd made two claims and the quotes just kept looking at me begging me to take them. So . . . We're back to the extra 200 stories.

Teddy: Tatty (Flowers)

The LJ Comments Meme

Just because I've seen it on so many friends' journals and I'm feeling sheepish :-)

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