January 22nd, 2007

Animals: Deer & Rabbit

So . . .


Well I'm (she says looking around and whispering) definitely now on the mend.

I'm still not 100% 'right', but am getting there. I'm basing this on the fact that I actually noticed the dust on the bookcase outside the bathroom today (sigh).

My aim this week is to catch up on my email/LJ comments as much as I can. I won't be around on YH for a few days at least, but should (hopefully) be on LJ and email.


I did manage to write a kind of episode review about last week's NCIS episode. I say 'kind of', as it was more a couple of bullet point lists than anything else.

I wasn't particularly impressed with the episode; in fact I think it's the weakest episode of the season. It was highly predictable, very run-of-the-mill and uninspiring. Plus it didn't help that there was an inconsistency within the episode!


In an attempt to get back to some kind of normality - what is that word, I hear you ask - I give you two memes.

The first has been snaffled from about half of my f-list.

Collapse )

The second meme was snaffled from lonelywalker, and this I thought would really help me get back to some kind of normality. (It might get me beyond the 'fire bad; tree pretty' kind of thinking).

Give me a character from any show I watch (it doesn't have to be one of my fandoms). I will then tell you five people with whom I would ship that person, and why. The ship might be friendship, it might be more. I might even pick someone from a different fandom/show with whom to ship the person.