January 3rd, 2007

Teddy: Tatty (World)

Fannish New Year's Resolutions

1. To finish the Fanfic Challenges I have taken up.

10_hurt_comfort - 03 stories left to write
20_1sttimes - 14 stories left to write
20_est_relships - 14 stories left to write
philosophy_20 - 08 stories left to write
30_memories - 12 stories left to write

Total number left to write: 51

2. To write some longer Gibbs/Ducky stories.

At one time during my fannish writing 'career' a short story to me was 10,000/15,000 words, and the idea of writing a drabble was an impossible one.

Given that I have had four novels published (three The Professionals and one Starsky & Hutch), together with my utter devotion to Gibbs/Ducky, I'm more than a tad bemused to discover that my longest Gibbs/Ducky story is a mere 13,280 words. In fact I have only written four stories over 10,000 words. So I shall aim to encompass this resolution with the one above.

3. To take part in more ncis_flashfic challenges.

Hey, let's spread the Gibbs/Ducky love more :-) Again, this can be encompassed with resolution one.

4. To write in fandoms other than NCIS.

a) At least one story in each of my other fandoms (Sapphire & Steel, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Professionals, Due South).

b) To try to write a story for one or more of the other rare pairs which I enjoy: Neil/Willie (The Sandbaggers), Dalgliesh/Massingham (The Dalgliesh Mysteries), Raffles/Bunny (Raffles).

c) To try to finish a Starsky & Hutch story which I began what now seems like an aeon ago.

5. To install Paint Shop Pro on my computer - and teach myself to use it.

I bought it a few months ago, but have somehow never found the time to install it. Instead I continue to use Microsoft's PhotoDraw, which is a nice enough program, but since I gave in and installed XP Pro SP2 it has had a few glitches. And of course MS discontinued the program a while ago, thus there are no updates for it. It's not quite one of the 'Microsoft's own programs that do not work with Microsoft's Operating System updates', but it's close.

I guess it's like all these things though, you use what you know, as it seems quicker and simpler.

6. To get the non-fiction part of my website updated and remove the 'This Page Is Under Construction' message.

Amongst other things I aim to have an episode guide for each fandom (with short descriptions of each episode) and character studies.

7. To go through my zine collection and decide what I really am not going to re-read.

Five filing cabinet drawers full of zines, plus a shelf of digest seems a tad too much - especially as I know there are some I'm not going to re-read.

Hmmm, this list started as a mere three yesterday. Methinks I should stop here whilst I'm ahead and have a vague chance of keeping these.