November 27th, 2006

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One True Pairing (OTP) Poll - Results

Thank you to all of you who took my most recent poll, and also for expanding on your choices in the comments - it made for some very interesting and educational reading.

On one hand, given the comments for my previous poll, together with bits and pieces I'd picked up around fandom, I wasn't surprised by the results. On the other hand, part of me still was (I know, logical as ever, Nikki).

When I first got involved with fandom, just over seven years ago, the term OTP meant:

I will only read and/or write about my pair together. The only exceptions are if the story is before they meet, or they are with another person when the story begins, and the story ends with them being together.

This didn't (and to me still doesn't) mean that they are the only viable pairing in the fandom and that anyone who doesn't like this pairing is wrong, simply that they are my pairing within the fandom.

And as both a reader and a writer this still holds true. And when it comes to another character before they get together, for me that stuff should mostly take place 'off-screen' so to speak. With my fandom pairings it's impossible to ignore the fact that they did have women in their lives, either as girl-friends or indeed wives, thus they can't always be completely ignored in stories. However, their place in the stories should be little more than a passing mention, or off-screen stuff; ditto in previous homosexual relationships. It won't stop me from reading the story completely if there is a lot of on-screen stuff, but I'll skip it, until I get to my pairing.

However, other than this kind of mention, then the only way I'll ever read about my OTP with anyone else is if I am doing any form of beta'ing for a friend, who has asked me to help her out. And I have done this for a handful of people.

This however is no longer the case for the majority of people.

It is safe to say, albeit based purely on the results of this poll, which obviously only constituted a tiny proportion of fandom (however, that's usually the case with polls) that the meaning of the term OTP has indeed changed. And not only has it changed, but there is no longer one meaning for it, it means different things to different people.

How people defined OTP also tended to differ, as I had expected, between being a reader or a writer. People were often less rigid in their definition when answering as a reader, than they were when answering as a writer. One reason, possibly the main reason, I believe this to be the case, is because I think we put more of ourselves into stories as writers, we are more involved with the stories at a deeper level, than we do when reading stories.

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Teddy: Tatty (Pillow)

A daft poll

On various Comms/LJs I've seen people do daft polls that 'sort' the characters of their fandom into the Hogwarts (Harry Potter) Houses. So I thought, why not try it for NCIS?

For anyone who is interested, the poll can be found here.