November 16th, 2006

Teddy: Tatty (World)

Guess the fandom

As seen on ria_kukalaka and lonelywalker LJs, and snaffled as it looked like fun.

Summarize ten of your fandoms/TV shows in one sentence, then see who on your friends list can guess these fandoms/shows!

I changed it slightly to add 'TV Shows' as well as fandoms, as I don't have ten fandoms.

I'm not terribly good at this sort of thing, thus I fear that many of these will be all too obvious. But nevertheless, here goes.

1. Politically incorrect, sarky, addicted, but still one of the best. House, M.D. Guessed by: lonelywalker, causticquery, kimberlyfdr, ria_kukalaka, toomuchfandom

2. One way of combating the Cold War. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Guessed by: kimberlyfdr, solo, toomuchfandom

3. She saved the world - a lot. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Guessed by: lonelywalker, kimberlyfdr, solo, ria_kukalaka, toomuchfandom

4. They helped to keep the island smelling, ever so faintly, of roses. The Professionals. Guessed by: the_cornettist

5. The saviours of the helpless. Angel: The Series. Guessed by: ria_kukalaka, toomuchfandom

6. There's no 'I' in team. NCIS. Guessed by: lonelywalker, causticquery, ria_kukalaka, toomuchfandom

7. They were indeed the last, best hope. Babylon 5. Guessed by: lonelywalker, causticquery, solo, ria_kukalaka, toomuchfandom

8. A break in time brings travellers who are far more than they appear to be. Sapphire & Steel. Guessed by: kimberlyfdr, toomuchfandom

9. Everyone of them will, or has, at some time in their careers caused a death. Grey's Anatomy. Guessed by: toomuchfandom

10. Thank you kindly. Due South. Guessed by: causticquery, kimberlyfdr, solo, ria_kukalaka, toomuchfandom

EDIT: Only one left unguessed. No. 9. 'Everyone of them will, or has, at some time in their careers caused a death'.

I thought they were easy (but then, as I said to the_cornettist, anything's easy if you know it).

EDIT TWO: All have now been successfully guessed, thanks to toomuchfandom using her initiative and checking my user info to get No. 9, which was Grey's Anatomy.
Teddy: Tatty (World)

Guess The Fandom Redux

Because that bunny is still refusing to wake up and stay awake, and I'm trying to avoid working on another story (or indeed starting one), I thought I'd do a different version of the 'Guess The Fandom' meme.

The earlier version I did was the one that actually only came from ria_kukalaka, LJ. This version is one that I saw on lonelywalker and toomuchfandom, LJ. It just goes to show that the mind does indeed see what it expects to see; when I saw the version on lonelywalker's journal, I only saw the 'guess the fandom' bit, as I was expecting it to be the same. It probably explains why I made such a mess of it (like zero), as I wasn't answering it based on the correct criteria (having said that, I'm not sure I'd have done very well, even had I read it correctly; but I think I might have got one).

Note to self: Read things clearly before answering them.


Sum up your former/current fandoms in a few sentences, as if they were human beings/very convincing sock puppets on your flist. All these are fandoms in which I have written. Guess which fandom I'm talking about!

1. I met you on the printed page, long before I saw you. Like many of my loves, I saw a relationship, partly, I admit because of the era in which you were set that allowed men of your class to do the things you did without people commenting on it or thinking it unusual. There is little fanfic around and I have written even less; but if stories existed I would happy to read them. You'd never become a major player in my affections, but I have both the printed word and the visual and know the sources well. Raffles aingeal8c and nina_ds

2. You are the only fandom where I read fanfic before I'd seen a single episode, something I'd always sworn I'd never do. My relationship with you began due to a link with another fandom and for a while I thought that you wouldn't become a true love of mine, as I only cared for half of your partnership. But that changed and I saw beyond the surface level, and you quickly began to fill my filing cabinets with zines. You are responsible for me getting into LJ land. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. lonelywalker and nina_ds

3. It was through you that I discovered fandom and learnt about slash, and found out that I was not the weird, strange, person I'd always thought I was, simply because I paired you, and men like you, together in a loving, romantic relationship. I always thought that I'd be a one fandom girl and never move away from you, but things do change, and my devotion for you, whilst not dying, has dwindled. However, I will always be thankful that you gave me slash, fandom and some wonderful friends. Starsky & Hutch aingeal8c and nina_ds

4. I'm not sure I can call you a fandom for me, as despite loving you and having dabbled in a story or two, I know that you could never become a serious fandom, because there is no way that even I could give you the kind of happy ending that is essential for me. M*A*S*H aingeal8c

5. My involvement with you was only ever meant to be at an academic level. I'd known you as a teenager, and saw the relationship, but I never shared my feelings as I always thought I was 'odd'. The academic side of our relationship gave way to a deep devotion and understanding and of all the fandoms in which I have written, you hold second place. You are not my primary fandom any longer, but I still write the odd story, read old favourites, and still have most of the friends I met through you. The Professionals aingeal8c, nina_ds and probodie

6. A good friend introduced me to you, and whilst I enjoyed you, I only ever saw you a show to while away my recovery from an operation. Then I saw an earlier part of you and I fell hard and fast, and it was you and the fanfic who really kept me sane through the recovery. Despite my love for you, I've written very little about you, but I still feel I know you. I spend more time discussing meta about you these days, than writing or reading about you. Due South aingeal8c and nina_ds

7. I first saw you as a teenager and was enthralled by you. As a young adult I bought your first series on video, but they were poorly made copies and after taking you back three times, I gave up. When you came out on DVD, I bought you and once again recalled how captivated I was by you. I didn't see fandom until I came across a throw-away comment on a web page, which made me think 'oh, but of course'. Now, despite not having written as much as I would like to, you are part of my top three fandoms. You remain a mystery in many ways, and that is part of your charm. Sapphire & Steel nina_ds

8. I began to watch you purely because I knew one of your stars from two other fandoms. I was determined that I wouldn't get into another fandom or pairing. Indeed, for over a season you were something to watch, look forward to receiving, enjoy but not become intense over. All that changed. Some people may think I'm crazy, maybe I am too intensely involved, too devoted, too obsessed. But for many reasons I have found that you work for me at more levels than others. You certainly do keep me sane. NCIS toomuchfandom, lonelywalker, aingeal8c and nina_ds

9. You are series I love and have on DVD and have watched more than once; series about which I could talk for ages. You touch me, move me, make me laugh and cry, and yet, you will never be a fandom as such. I have written two short challenge pieces, have read the odd story, and if I could find the kind of story that I love for the pairing I love, then I would read more. But it isn't to be. Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel The Seriestoomuchfandom

10. I first met you as a teenager and saw the potential for a pairing, but as with others I said nothing and enjoyed you as a series. Much later you came to me on DVD and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well you had aged, and well you still worked. The fandom is tiny, and sadly I am doing little to help you grow; but I still think of you fondly and still have stories to finish. The Sandbaggers toomuchfandom

EDIT: Just three left to go:


EDIT TWO: Now there be only two left:


EDIT THREE: and now we are down to one:


EDIT FOUR: All guessed.