October 16th, 2006

My dogs: Tansy

Tansy Update

Over the weekend J and I had to make probably the hardest decisions a pet owner has to make, and this morning J took Tansy to the vet and she was put to sleep.

She went downhill very, very quickly in the end. As I said in my post on 5th October, the vet had hoped that with the tablets, she'd perk up and be with us for longer. However, it wasn't to be.

She did seem to perk for a several days, but then things started to deteriorate. It was very difficult to get her to eat anything, even if we fed her by hand, she was shaking most of the time, she was having problems walking, but even so up until Friday she still seemed happy and had some of her bounce.

However, over the weekend she just got worse and worse, and we knew we had to be prepared to do what was best for her. We always said we would never let her suffer, and it was clear that she'd started to do that. She'd look at us asking us to make her better, and she didn't understand, and she was unhappy and in pain. And we couldn't let things go on that way.

Thank you for all your hugs and kind and loving words over the last couple of weeks, and the various enquiries I've had as to how Tansy was - it meant a lot to both J and I, and of course to Tansy. I know how fond many of you have become of our 'Court Jester' over the time I've been writing about her, even those of you who hadn't met her. She loved life, she loved people, she thought everyone loved her, and she knew just how cute she was. She was a very loving, friendly little dog and we'll miss her a great deal. We had her for over fifteen years, and it's hard to accept that I won't turn round and trip over her, or she won't nudge us with her nose, or bounce up to us.

I'm going to share two pieces of artwork with you. One was requested by probodie and made for me by goodnightlady, and is of Tansy herself - in the snow, which she loved. The second was made by strainconductor, and although not specifically Tansy, is still a lovely rendition of a Westie. Thank you ladies for your kindness, they are beautiful pictures.

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I miss her very much.