October 11th, 2006

Autumn: Road (Winding)

Alphabet Fanfic Meme Redux

Because I'm occasionally masochistic, I decided to take a leaf out of shorts7's book and do the recent alphabet fiction meme in a different way. I decided it would actually be useful for me to have a list of every story I had written in my various fandoms (both zine and on-line). So broken down by fandom, and then by letter within the fandom, here goes.



















PRE-HET: 024
GEN: 182
Autumn: Road (Winding)

Gibbs/Ducky (NCIS) Stories - A-M


638 Stories
26/26 Letters

035 Pre-Slash
100 First Time
503 Established Relationship

A Child Never Forgets (Established Relationship).
A Close Call (Established Relationship).
A Cruel Mistress (Established Relationship).
A Dinner Date (First Time).
A Dog's Life (Established Relationship).
A Double Celebration (Established Relationship).
A Fake (Established Relationship).
A Final Family Christmas (Established Relationship).
A First Time For Everything (First Time).
A Fitting Tribute (The first story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
A Ghostly Tale (The seventh story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
A Good Old American Custom (Established Relationship).
A Hard Habit To Break (Established Relationship).
A Helping Hand (First Time).
A House Is Not A Home (Established Relationship).
A Lifestyle Change (First Time).
A Lifetime Of Memories (Established Relationship).
A Marked Man (Established Relationship).
A Matter Of Spelling (Established Relationship).
A Minor Transgression (Established Relationship).
A Mother Always Knows (Established Relationship).
A Mother's Secret (Established Relationship).
A New Start (Established Relationship).
A New Year (First Time).
A Patriot Still Remains (First Time).
A Peaceful Time. (Established Relationship).
A Promise Made (Established Relationship).
A Quiet Night In (Established Relationship).
A Reston House Christmas (Established Relationship).
A Roundabout Way (First Time).
A Satisfactory Conclusion (Established Relationship).
A Simple Crush (Pre-Slash).
A Small Compromise (Established Relationship).
A Smooth Transition (Established Relationship).
A Soft Touch (Established Relationship).
A Sophisticated Man (A companion piece to Amare Et Sapere Vix Deo Conceditur). (Pre-Slash)
A Sporting Chance (Established Relationship).
A Timely Lesson (A crossover with Silver/Steel). (Established Relationship).
A Woman Scorned (Established Relationship).
Abby Helps Out (Established Relationship).
Abby's Gift (First Time).
About Time Too (Established Relationship).
Accidents Can Be Good (Established Relationship).
Acting On Instinct (First Time).
Addicted To Ducky (Established Relationship).
Admitting Is Never Easy (Established Relationship).
Affirmation (A sequel to My Life). (Established Relationship).
Aftermath (Established Relationship).
Against All Odds (Established Relationship).
Ah, Jethro (Established Relationship).
All About Ducky (A sequel to Keeping Ducky Happy). (Established Relationship).
All Choices Have Consequences (First Time).
All He Has Left (Established Relationship).
All Settled (Established Relationship).
All That Remain (Established Relationship).
All Too Much (Established Relationship).
All You Have To Do Is Ask (Established Relationship).
Always Be Loved (Pre-Slash)
Always On My Mind (Established Relationship).
Always Told Them (A sequel to You Bastard). (Established Relationship).
Amare Et Sapere Vix Deo Conceditur (A companion piece to A Sophisticated Man). (Pre-Slash).
An Anomaly (Established Relationship).
An Hour Left To Live (Established Relationship).
An Independent Life (Established Relationship).
At Peace (Established Relationship).
Alluring In Black: Ducky's Story (A companion piece to Alluring In Black: Gibbs's Story). (First Time).
Alluring In Black: Gibbs's Story (First Time).
And What Have You Done? (Established Relationship).
Another Country (Established Relationship).
Another Day (Established Relationship).
Another Doctor (Established Relationship).
Another Kind Of Love (First Time).
Another Loved One Lost (Established Relationship).
Another Way Of Saying I Love You
April Fool (Established Relationship).
Arrival (A companion piece to Departure). (Established Relationship).
As If It Were Yesterday (Established Relationship).
As Long As The Moon Keeps Shining (Pre-Slash).
At First (Established Relationship).
At First He Didn't Believe (Pre-Slash). (A sequel to At First He Told Himself.
At First He Told Himself (Pre-Slash)
At First It Seemed Strange (A sequel to At First He Told Himself & At First He Didn't Believe). (First Time).
Attachment (Pre-Slash).
Avoiding Ducky (Established Relationship).
Awakening (First Time).

Back In Synch (A sequel to: This Is It and Now Or Never). (Established Relationship).
Basic Black (Established Relationship).
Be Mine (First Time).
Be Careful What You Wish For (First Time).
Because I Love You (Established Relationship).
Before His Eyes (Pre-Slash).
Beginning Of The End (Established Relationship).
Being Fortunate (Established Relationship).
Being Thankful (A companion piece to Being Fortunate). (Established Relationship)
Being There (Pre-Slash).
Belated Understanding (Established Relationship).
Belief (Established Relationship).
Believing In Magic (A sequel to Heaven And Hell). (Established Relationship).
Belonging (Established Relationship).
Beloved (Established Relationship).
Best Laid Plans (Established Relationship).
Bête Noire (First Time).
Better The Devil You Know (Established Relationship).
Better Late Than Never - Or Is It? (Pre-Slash).
Beyond A Simple Crush (A sequel to A Simple Crush). (First Time).
Beyond Reason (A sequel to Seeing Is Believing). (Established Relationship).
Beyond The Sea (First Time).
Bizarre Behavior (Established Relationship).
Bizarre Behavior Explained (A sequel to Bizarre Behavior). (Established Relationship).
Black Does Not Become Him (Established Relationship).
Blame It On The House Elves (First Time).
Boredom (Established Relationship).
Breakdown (Established Relationship).
Breakfast In Bed (A sequel to Ah, Jethro. (Established Relationship).
Breaking With Tradition (Established Relationship).
Bring Her Down (Established Relationship).
Bringing Joy (Established Relationship).
Brothers In Love (A sequel to The Past Is Never Just The Past). (A crossover with Napoleon/Illya). (Established Relationship).
But The Same (A companion piece to Different ). (Established Relationship).
By Way Of Love (Established Relationship).

Can Dreams Come True? (First Time).
Can It Be? (A companion piece to Memories Make Us (Established Relationship).
Can There Be A Happy Ever After? (First Time).
Care Taking (The second story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
Caring About Ducky (Established Relationship).
Case Closed (A sequel to Wake Up Call). (Pre-Slash).
Challenging Ducky (Established Relationship).
Charlie's Graduation (Established Relationship).
Chatterbox (Established Relationship).
Christmas Kisses (Established Relationship).
Christmas Time A Time For The Perfect Gift (Established Relationship).
Choosing Family (Established Relationship).
Cold As Ice (Established Relationship).
Cold Sweat (First Time).
Come Live With Me (Established Relationship).
Coming Home (First Time).
Coming To Terms (Established Relationship).
Confession Is Good For The Soul (First Time).
Consensus Of Opinion (Established Relationship).
Constant Endearments (Established Relationship).
Could It Be So?/a> (Established Relationship).
Countdown To A New Beginning (Established Relationship).
Counting The Cost (First Time).
Crossing Lines (Pre-Slash).
Crossroads (Established Relationship).
Cuts So Deep (Established Relationship).

Dad, Meet Ducky (Established Relationship).
Daily Meeting (Established Relationship).
Dancing Together (First Time).
Dear Dad (Established Relationship).
Dear Jethro (First Time).
Death Changes Everything (Established Relationship).
Debts Paid (Established Relationship).
Decimation (A sequel to Quietening The Storm). (Established Relationship).
Decision (A sequel to Ultimatum). (Established Relationship).
Decision Making (First Time).
Decorating Reston House (Established Relationship).
Defining Ownership (Established Relationship).
Definitions (Established Relationship).
Departure (Established Relationship).
Deserved Punishment (Established Relationship).
Destruction (Established Relationship).
Did You Think? (Established Relationship).
Different (Established Relationship).
Disassociation (Established Relationship).
DiNozzo's Discovery (Established Relationship).
Disturbed (The second part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Do Not Worry (Established Relationship).
Do You Love Me? (A sequel to I Never Knew). (Established Relationship).
Do You Think? (Established Relationship).
Does It Count? (Established Relationship).
Don't Leave It Too Late (Pre-Slash)
Don't Want To Share (First Time).
Dreamers Never Lie (First Time).
Ducky And The FBI Man (First Time).
Ducky Knows (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Dilemma (A sequel to: Not Too Old To Dream and If Wishes Were Horses). (Pre-Slash).
Ducky Explains (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Guilt (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Motivation (Established Relationship).
Ducky, Not Illya (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Secret (Established Relationship).
Ducky Takes Charge (Established Relationship).
Ducky's Surprise (Established Relationship).

Earth To Earth (Established Relationship).
Eclipsed By Courage (Established Relationship).
Eminently Satisfied (First Time).
Enough Is Enough (Established Relationship).
Even After All These Years (Established Relationship).
Except Sometimes They Do (A companion piece to The Last Time.). (Established Relationship).
Explanations (Established Relationship).
Eye Of The Beholder (Established Relationship).

Faith Not Misplaced (First Time).
Family (Established Relationship).
Family Matters (Established Relationship).
Family Secrets (Established Relationship).
Family Solidarity (Established Relationship).
Far Too Late (Established Relationship).
Fathers Know (A sequel to Family Matters). (Established Relationship).
Favorite Memories (Established Relationship).
Feelings Of Guilt (Established Relationship).
Finally (A sequel to Realization). (First Time).
Finally At Peace (Established Relationship).
Finally Letting Go (Established Relationship).
Finding A Way (First Time).
Fires Within (Established Relationship).
Five Emails The Children Never Sent (Established Relationship).
Five Stories Ducky Will Never Tell (Established Relationship).
Fixed (A sequel to Shattered Illusions). (Established Relationship).
Fools Rush In (First Time)
For Ducky (Established Relationship).
Forbidden Love (Established Relationship).
Forgiveness (Established Relationship).
Fond Memories (Established Relationship).
For Remembrance (Established Relationship).
Found (A sequel to Lost and Waiting. (Established Relationship).
Four Times Gibbs Didn't Tell Ducky He Loved Him And One Time He Did (First Time).
From Death Comes New Life (First Time).
From Sunrise To Sunset (Established Relationship).
Forget Me (Established Relationship).
Foreshadowing (Established Relationship).
Friends Make The Best Lovers (First Time).
Full Circle (Established Relationship).

Games People Play (Established Relationship).
Get Over It (Established Relationship).
Getting Rid Of Madam Director (Established Relationship).
Gibbs's Gut (A sequel to: Not Too Old To Dream and If Wishes Were Horses and a companion piece to Ducky's Dilemma). (Pre-Slash).
Given A Second Chance (First Time).
Giving Comfort (Established Relationship).
Giving Thanks (Established Relationship).
Giving Up (Established Relationship).
Going Home (A sequel to Another Country). (Established Relationship).
Guess It Was (Established Relationship).
Guilty Of Being Alive (Established Relationship).

Happiness Is Jethro (Established Relationship).
Hard To Say I'm Sorry (A sequel to Is Sorry Really Enough? and Hurt). (Established Relationship).
Hell Hath No Fury (Established Relationship).
Healing Hands (Established Relationship).
Heartfelt (Established Relationship).
Heaven And Hell (Established Relationship).
He Didn't (Established Relationship).
He Always Does (The third part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
He Can Turn Them (Established Relationship).
Here We Go A-Caroling (The eighth story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
He Made Me Believe (Established Relationship).
He Would Pay (Established Relationship).
He's A Diamond (Established Relationship).
He's Mine (The tenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Here We Are (Established Relationship).
His Tastes (Established Relationship).
Holding On (Established Relationship).
Home Is Where The Heart Is (Established Relationship).
Hope (Established Relationship).
How? (A sequel to Hope). (Established Relationship).
How It Should Be (Established Relationship).
How It Should Have Been (First Time).
Hunting (Established Relationship).
Hurt (Established Relationship).
Hurts Felt (Established Relationship).
Hurts Not Mentioned (Established Relationship).

I Always Knew (Established Relationship).
I Believe (Established Relationship).
I Do Not Wish To Love Him (Pre-Slash).
I Don't Believe It (The eleventh part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
I Have Him (The thirteenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
I Know How He Felt (The fourth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
I Need You/a> (Established Relationship).
I Never Knew) A sequel to Letting Go). (Established Relationship).
I Remember (Established Relationship).
I Told Them (The sixth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
I Was Mistaken (Established Relationship).
I Will Always Love You (Established Relationship).
Identity Revealed (First Time).
If (Established Relationship).
If I Could (Established Relationship).
If It Could Talk (First Time).
If Loving You Is Wrong (Pre-Slash)
If Music Be (Established Relationship).
If Not For You (First Time).
If Only You Had Told Me (Established Relationship).
If Wishes Were Horses (A companion piece to Not Too Old To Dream). (Pre-Slash)
I'll Be Around (Established Relationship)
Impossible (A companion piece to It Was In His Voice and Oh, Dear). (Established Relationship).
In His Bones ( A companion piece to: It Was Over, Quite Certain and Watching Them). (Established Relationship).
Into The Sunset (First Time).
It Was Time (Pre-Slash).
It's A Date (Established Relationship).
It's Time (First Time)
In The Beginning (Established Relationship).
In The Cards (First Time).
In The End Nothing Matters But Love (Established Relationship).
In Threes (The sixteenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
In Your Arms (Established Relationship).
Infinity Together (Established Relationship).
Inter-Agency Politics (The second story in the Director Gibbs series). (Established Relationship).
Internal Scars (First Time).
Interrogation Room Number One (Established Relationship).
Is Love Enough? (Established Relationship).
Is Sorry Really Enough? (Established Relationship).
It Happened One Night (Established Relationship).
It Has Happened Again A prequel to Memories Make Us and Can It Be? (Established Relationship).
It Might Have Something To Do With (First Time).
It Is Raining (Established Relationship).
It Was In His Voice (Established Relationship).

Jenny's Revenge (A companion piece to: As If It Were Yesterday and Paris And Jenn Shepard). (Established Relationship).
Jethro's Surprise (Established Relationship).
Just A Game (Established Relationship).
Just Deserts (Established Relationship).
Just Let Her Try (The twelfth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Just To Do With Love (Established Relationship).

Keep Them Guessing (Established Relationship).
Keeping Ducky Happy (Established Relationship).
Keeping Faith (Established Relationship).
Keeping Your Promise (Established Relationship).
Kelly (Established Relationship).
Knowing And Loving (Established Relationship).

Lain To Rest (First Time).
Last Christmas (Established Relationship).
Learning To Trust (First Time).
Left Path (Established Relationship).
Leaving (Established Relationship).
Lessons To Be Learned (Established Relationship).
Letting Go (A sequel to If Only You Had Told Me). (Established Relationship).
Letters (First Time).
Like A Marriage (First Time).
Like Mother Like Son (Established Relationship).
Lonely This Christmas (Established Relationship).
Look Into My Eyes (Established Relationship).
Looking Beyond The Obvious (Established Relationship).
Lost (A sequel to All Too Much). (Established Relationship).
Lost And Regained (Established Relationship).
Love At First Sight (Pre-slash).
Loved Enough (Established Relationship).

Magic In The Air (Established Relationship).
Making A Mistake (Pre-Slash).
Making Amends (A sequel to >Making Ducky Think and Making Gibbs Think). (Pre-Slash).
Making Ducky Think (A sequel to Making A Mistake). (Pre-Slash).
Making Gibbs Think (A sequel to Making A Mistake and a companion piece to >Making Ducky Think). (Pre-Slash).
Making It Obvious (Established Relationship).
Making It Right Again (Established Relationship).
Making Love (A sequel to Making Amends). (First Time).
Making Time (First Time).
Many Things (Established Relationship).
Maybe (Established Relationship).
Maybe I Should (The seventh part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Memories Don't Leave (Established Relationship).
Memories Of Ducky (First Time)
Memories Make Us (A sequel to It Has Happened Again). (Established Relationship).
Memories Make Us What We Are (A sequel to Do You Love Me?). (Established Relationship).
Midnight Blue (Established Relationship).
Midnight Ramblings (Established Relationship).
Mine! (Established Relationship).
Misjudgment (Established Relationship).
Mistletoe And Mulled Wine (Established Relationship).
Misunderstandings (First Time).
Mightier Than The Sword (Established Relationship).
Mizpah (Established Relationship).
More Than Just Duty (Established Relationship).
More Than Just Sex (Established Relationship).
More Than Meets The Eye (Established Relationship).
Moving Day (Established Relationship).
My Best Friend (Established Relationship).
My Blue-Eyed Marine (First Time).
My Blue-Eyed Medic (A sequel to My Blue-Eyed Marine). (Established Relationship).
My Favorite Time Of Day (Established Relationship).
My Future (Established Relationship).
My Life (Established Relationship).
My Past (Established Relationship).
My Present (Established Relationship).
My Son's Boyfriend (Established Relationship).
My Team (The fourteenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).

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Autumn: Road (Winding)

Gibbs/Ducky (NCIS) Stories - N-Z


638 Stories
26/26 Letters

035 Pre-Slash
100 First Time
503 Established Relationship

Never Again (A sequel to Memories Make Us What We Are). (Established Relationship).
Never Betray (Established Relationship).
Never Enough (Established Relationship).
Never Alone (Established Relationship)
Never Looked Back (First Time).
Never Too Old (Established Relationship).
Never Will Be (Established Relationship).
New Beginnings (First Time).
New Resolve (Established Relationship).
Nightmare (Established Relationship).
Night-Time Adventures (First Time).
Nine-Tenths Of The Law (Established Relationship).
No Chemistry (Established Relationship).
No Escape (Established Relationship).
No Longer Needed (A companion piece to: Still Waiting and Still Missing). (Established Relationship).
No More Secrets (Established Relationship).
No Names No Pack Drill (First Time).
No Regrets (Established Relationship).
No Strings (First Time).
Not A Chance (Pre-Slash).
Not As It Seemed (A sequel to Always Told Them). (Established Relationship).
Not Just A Kiss (Established Relationship).
Not The One (A crossover with Napoleon/Illya). (Established Relationship).
Not Just Another New Year's Eve (First Time).
Not Just Anyone (First Time).
Not Necessarily A Kink (Established Relationship).
Not Real (Established Relationship).
Not Set In Stone (Established Relationship).
Not So Black And White (Established Relationship).
Not Square (Established Relationship).
Not To Be Seen (Established Relationship).
Not Too Old To Dream (Pre-Slash).
Nothing He Cannot Do (Established Relationship).
Now And Forever (A sequel to Ducky's Dilemma and Gibbs's Gut). (First Time).
Now Is All That Matters (A sequel to Just A Game). (Established Relationship).
Now Or Never (A companion piece to: This Is It). (Established Relationship).

Oceans Apart (Established Relationship).
Oh, Dear (A companion piece to It It Was In His Voice). (Established Relationship).
Oh, Well (Established Relationship).
Old Friends And Lovers (Established Relationship).
Old School Tie (Established Relationship).
Older Not Dead (Established Relationship).
Once A Child (Established Relationship).
One Day (First Time).
One Shot (Established Relationship).
Our Brown Eyed Girl (A sequel to Black Does Not Become Him). (Established Relationship).
Out Of Time (First Time).
Over The Years (Established Relationship).

Paid In Full (Established Relationship).
Pain (Established Relationship).
Paris And Jenn Shepard (A companion piece to: As If It Were Yesterday). (Established Relationship).
Past, Present And Future (Established Relationship).
Perchance To Dream (Established Relationship).
Perfection (Established Relationship).
Pretty In Pink (Established Relationship).
Promises Kept (First Time).
Putting Others First (Established Relationship).

Questions For Charlie (Established Relationship).
Questions To Be Answered (Established Relationship).
Quietening The Storm (Established Relationship).
Quite Certain (A companion piece to It Was Over). (Established Relationship).
Quintessentially Scottish (Established Relationship).
Quite Provocative (First Time).

Realization (Pre-slash).
Reach Out And Touch (A sequel to What Happened Next). (Established Relationship).
Reason To Celebrate (Established Relationship).
Reason Why (Established Relationship).
Redolence (Established Relationship).
Remembering Paris (A companion piece to: As If It Were Yesterday, Paris And Jenn Shepard and Jenny's Revenge). (Established Relationship).
Regaining Control (Established Relationship)
Remember The Living As Well As The Fallen (Established Relationship).
Restraining Ducky (Established Relationship).
Retribution (Established Relationship).
Returned To Me (A sequel to Still Not Found). (Established Relationship).
Resurrection (Established Relationship).
Romance: Gibbs Style (First Time).

Saying Goodbye (Established Relationship).
Season Of Mists (Established Relationship).
Second Best (Established Relationship).
Self-Realization (Established Relationship).
Seeing Is Believing (A sequel to Case Closed). (First Time).
Seeing Red (Established Relationship).
Shaped By The Past (Established Relationship).
Shattered Illusions (Established Relationship).
Shopping Trips (First Time).
Silence Is Golden (Established Relationship).
Silver-Haired Fox (Established Relationship).
Simplicity (A sequel to: Back In Synch). (Established Relationship).
Sleeping (Established Relationship).
Some Hurts May Never Heal (Established Relationship).
Something In The Air (A companion piece to It Was In His Voice, Oh, Dear, Impossible and Will He Never Learn?). (Established Relationship).
Sometimes Love Is Not Enough (Established Relationship).
Sometimes You Hear The Bullet (Established Relationship).
So Natural (First Time).
Standards Matter (Established Relationship).
Starlight (Established Relationship).
Starting Anew (First Time).
Still Missing (A companion piece to: Still Waiting). (Established Relationship).
Still Not Found (Established Relationship).
Still Waiting (Established Relationship).
Story Of A Story (First Time).
Summer Heat (Established Relationship).
Summer Loving (Established Relationship).
Surprised (The fifth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Suspicions Confirmed (Established Relationship).
Sweetie? (Established Relationship).
Syzygy (A companion piece to: Some Hurts May Never Heal). (Established Relationship).

Take A Chance (First Time).
Taking The First Step (Established Relationship).
Tears That Heal (Established Relationship).
Tell Me Again (Established Relationship).
Thanksgiving At Reston House (Established Relationship).
That's What I'll Do (The fifteenth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
The Art Of Prevarication (Established Relationship).
The Autumn Of Their Lives (Established Relationship).
The Best Birthday Gift Of All (First Time).
The Best Defense (First Time).
The Common Factor (Established Relationship).
The Definitive Christmas Gift (Established Relationship).
The End (Established Relationship).
The Final Journey (Established Relationship).
The Final Choice (A sequel to ashley_pitt's I Never Knew. (Pre-Slash).
The First Time (Established Relationship).
The Good Old British Compromise (Established Relationship).
The Greatest Gift Of All (Established Relationship).
The Green-Eyed Monster (Established Relationship).
The Happy Couple (Established Relationship).
The House Always Wins (Established Relationship).
The Ideal Date (Established Relationship).
The Last Day (The ninth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
The Last Time (A companion piece to Except Sometimes They Do). (Established Relationship).
The Lioness With Her Cub Syndrome (Established Relationship).
The Little Things (Established Relationship).
The One (Established Relationship).
The Past Is Never Just The Past (A crossover with Napoleon/Illya). (Established Relationship).
The Past Returns (Established Relationship).
The Right Decision (Established Relationship).
The Right Thing (Established Relationship).
The Right Thing To Do (Established Relationship).
The Right Move (Established Relationship).
The Rose (Established Relationship).
The Seduction Of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (First Time).
The Strange Behavior Of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Established Relationship).
The Things Children Do (Established Relationship).
The Time Is Not Right (Pre-Slash).
The Time Was Right (A sequel to How?). (Established Relationship).
The Truth (Established Relationship).
The Truth Can Heal (A sequel to: Tough Love). (Established Relationship).
The Truth Will Out (Established Relationship).
The Ultimate Proof Of Love (Established Relationship).
The Wake Up Call (Established Relationship).
The Way He Is (Established Relationship).
The Windows Of The Soul (Established Relationship).
There Be No Dragons (The third story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
There But For (Established Relationship).
They Love Me (Established Relationship).
They Shouldn't (Established Relationship).
They're Everything (The eighth part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
Things Mama Told You (Established Relationship).
This Is It (A sequel to Enough Is Enough). (Established Relationship).
This Time (Established Relationship).
This Time It Was Over (Established Relationship).
Ties (First Time).
Ties That Bind (First Time).
Time Something Changed (Established Relationship).
Time Is Precious (Established Relationship).
Time To Celebrate (First Time).
Time To Forgive (Established Relationship).
Time To Say Goodbye (Established Relationship).
Time Will Tell (Established Relationship).
Tired Of Waiting (First Time).
Together (Established Relationship).
Tomorrow Is Another Day (Established Relationship)
To Err Is Human (A sequel to What Makes You Stay?). (Established Relationship).
To Those Who Wait (First Time).
Tomorrow Never Comes (First Time).
Too Deep For Tears (Established Relationship).
Too Different (Established Relationship).
Too Far? (Pre-Slash).
Too Much (Established Relationship).
Torn Between (Established Relationship).
Touching Base (Established Relationship).
Tough Love (A sequel to Some Hurts May Never Heal and Syzygy). (Established Relationship).
Trick Or Treat (Established Relationship).
Triumvirate (Established Relationship).
Truly Blessed (Established Relationship).
Trust (Established Relationship).
Truth And Confessions (First Time).
Truth In Gossip (Established Relationship).
'Twas The Night Before Christmas (First Time).
Twenty Questions (First Time).
Two Times Ducky Said No And One Time He Said Yes (Established Relationship).

Ultimatum (Established Relationship).
Unbecoming (Pre-Slash).
Under Oath (Established Relationship).
Undercover Operations (Established Relationship).
Unfair (Established Relationship).
Unsung Heroes (Established Relationship).
Understandable (Established Relationship).
Unusual Revelations (First Time)
Until It's Gone (Established Relationship).
Upon That Night (The fourth story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).

Vance's Fault (A sequel to Now You Do). (First Time).
Varying Degrees (The fifth story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).
Verification And Affirmation (Established Relationship).
Verifying What She Said (Established Relationship).
Vision Of The Future (Established Relationship).
Voice Across The Void (Established Relationship).

Waiting (A sequel to All Too Much and Lost). (Established Relationship).
Waiting For You (Established Relationship).
Wake Up Call (A sequel to Unbecoming). (Pre-Slash).
Warm You Up (A sequel to Found). (Established Relationship).
Was It Worth The Cost? (Established Relationship).
Watching (Established Relationship).
Watching Them ( A companion piece to: It Was Over and Quite Certain). (Established Relationship).
Well Schooled (Established Relationship).
We'll Sort It (Established Relationship).
Were You? (Pre-Slash).
What Do You Remember? (Established Relationship).
What Happened Next (Established Relationship).
What Have I Done? (The first part of the Discovering Series). (Established Relationship).
What Makes You Stay? (Established Relationship).
What Some People Do (Established Relationship).
What To Do (Established Relationship).
What Will Be Will Be (Established Relationship).
What's Up, Duck? (Established Relationship).
What They Don't Know" (Established Relationship).
When Blood Stops Flowing (Established Relationship).
When I Have You (Established Relationship).
Where Are You? (Established Relationship).
Where Is Ducky? (Established Relationship).
Where I've Always Wanted You (First time).
While I'm Gone (Established Relationship).
Who Needs Dreams? (Established Relationship).
Who'd Have Thought It? (First Time).
Why Didn't I Notice? (Pre-Slash)
Why Fight The Inevitable? (Established Relationship).
Why Not? (The first story in the Director Gibbs series). (Established Relationship).
Why Redheads ( Shaped By The Past). (Established Relationship).
Will He Never Learn? (A companion piece to It Was In His Voice, Oh, Dear and Impossible). (Established Relationship).
Will You? (A sequel to Last Christmas). (Established Relationship).
Winter, Candles And Night (Established Relationship).
Wisdom Of The Ages (Established Relationship).
With A Little Help From Our Friend (Established Relationship).
With My Eyes Open (First Time).
With Different Eyes (First Time).
With No One To Witness (Established Relationship).
With This Ring (Established Relationship).
Without You (Established Relationship).
Worries (Established Relationship).
Worth A Thousand Words (Established Relationship).
Would You Want Me To Have Been Illya? (Established Relationship).
Wouldn't Be Right (Established Relationship).

Xeno's Paradox (Established Relationship).

Years That Pass (First Time).
You Bastard (Established Relationship).
You Can Always Make Me Smile (A companion piece to Beloved). (Established Relationship).
You Can Go Home (Established Relationship).
You Chose Me (Established Relationship).
You Know It's Love (Established Relationship).
You Raise Me Up (Established Relationship).
You Saved My Life (Established Relationship).
You're Still The One (Established Relationship).
Your Precious Ducky (First Time).
Yuletide Celebrations (The sixth story in my Occasions Universe). (Established Relationship).

Zero To Sixty (First Time)
Ziva's Bakhira (Established Relationship).

A-M Story Links
Autumn: Road (Winding)

Silver/Steel (Sapphire & Steel) Stories


53 Stories
26/26 Letters

08 Pre-Slash
09 First Time
36 Established Relationship

A Vision (Pre-Slash).
An Exchange Of Gifts (Established Relationship).
An Illusion (Established Relationship).
Autumn Time (Established Relationship).

Being Aware (Established Relationship).
Black Suits You (Established Relationship).

Consequences (A companion piece to She Hoped and He Hoped). Established Relationship).
Crossing A Line (First Time).

Darkness Of The Soul (A sequel to Let No Man Cast Asunder). (Established Relationship).
Decision Time (A sequel to Over (Established Relationship).
Do You Love Him? (Established Relationship).

Elemental Definitions (Established Relationship).
Elements (Established Relationship).
Entering Into The Spirit Of The Occasion (Established Relationship).
Eye Of The Beholder (Pre-Slash).

For Now (A sequel to Consequences). (Established Relationship).

Good For The Soul (First Time).

Handled By The Forces (First Time).
Having Faith (A sequel to Zero Tolerance). (Established Relationship).
He Hoped (A companion piece to She Hoped). (Established Relationship).

In My Head (Established Relationship).

Just For Once (Established Relationship).

Kept Hidden (Established Relationship).

Learning About Steel (Established Relationship).
Let No Man Cast Asunder (Established Relationship).

Making The Impossible Possible (A sequel to Having Faith). (Established Relationship).
Melting Steel (Pre-Slash)
More Than A Fantasy (Established Relationship).
My Shield And My Shelter (Established Relationship).

No Longer In Awe (Established Relationship).
Not A Hallucination (First Time).
Nothing (Established Relationship).

Only One Thing Left (Pre-Slash).
Opposites Attract (Pre-Slash).
Over (Established Relationship).

Perhaps One Day (Pre-Slash).
Plain For All To See (Pre-Slash).

Quest For Two A sequel to Opposites Attract). (First Time).
Quietening Silver (First Time).

Reflecting (Pre-Slash).

She Hoped (Established Relationship).
Signs And Portents (Established Relationship).
Steel Is Grey (Established Relationship).

The Language Of Love (First Time).
The Seduction Of Steel (First Time)
Touching Silver (Established Relationship).

Understanding Comes To Those Who Wait (Established Relationhip).
Unnaturally Natural (Established Relationship).

Vision Of The Future (A sequel to Only One Thing Left). (First Time).

We're Partners (Established Relationship).

X Amount Of Time Left

You Do (Established Relationship).

Zero Tolerance (A sequel to For Now). (Established Relationship).
Autumn: Road (Winding)

Bodie/Doyle (The Professionals) Stories


107 Stories
26/26 Letters

13 Pre-Slash
29 First Time
64 Established Relationship

A Cut-Back Too Far (Established Relationship).
A Proud Man (Established Relationship).
A Very Personal Relationship (Published in Secret Agent Men 2). (First Time).
A Very Special New Year's Eve (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (First Time).
A Watch Is Just A Watch (Published in Secret Agent Men 10). (Established Relationship).
After Ann (Published in Secret Agent Men 6). (Pre-Slash).
After Bodie (A sequel to After Keller). (Published in Secret Agent Men 6). (First Time).
After Esther (A sequel to After Ann). Published in Secret Agent Men 6). (Pre-Slash).
After Keller (A sequel to After Esther). Published in Secret Agent Men 6). (Pre-Slash).
All Or Nothing (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (First Time).
Always Been You (Published in Secret Agent Men 11). (First Time).
Always Remain (Established Relationship).
As Seasons Change (Established Relationship).

Be Careful What You Wish For (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (First Time).
Better Late Than Never (Published in Secret Agent Men 5). (Pre-Slash).
Blaming Cowley (First Time).
But Fear Itself (First Time).

Can Life Go On? (Established Relationship).
Cards On The Table (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (First Time).
Chained (Established Relationship).
Change Is Inevitable (Published in Secret Agent Men 8). (Established Relationship).
Changes (Established Relationship).
Coming Home (Published in Secret Agent Men 5). (Established Relationship).
Couldn't Stay (A companion piece to Gift Horse and No Favourites). (Established Relationship).
Courageous To The End (A sequel to You're Kidding, Right?). (Pre-Slash).
Cowley's Memories (Established Relationship).

Decision Making (Established Relationship).
Destiny (Published in Secret Agent Men 10). (Established Relationship).
Do Me No Favours (A sequel to Courageous To The End). (Pre-Slash).
Drawn Together (First Time).

End Of Dreams (Established Relationship).

Forever (Established Relationship).
Forever Yours (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (Established Relationship).

Get It Over With (A sequel to Do Me No Favours). (Pre-Slash).
Gift Horse (Established Relationship).

He Thinks About (Established Relationship).
He Wouldn't Catch A Unicorn (Published in Secret Agent Men 4). (First Time).

I Know (Established Relationship).
I Never Wanted (A sequel to I Was Wrong). (Established Relationship).
I Was Wrong (Established Relationship).
If It's Done For Love It Can't Be Wrong. (Published in A Little B&B 1). (Established Relationship).
Intuition (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (Established Relationship).

Just A Few Minutes Now (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (Established Relationship).

Keeping Faith (Established Relationship).
Keeping Watch (Established Relationship)

Like The British Weather (Established Relationship).
Listeners Can Hear Good Things (First Time).
Looking Back (Established Relationship).

Making A Decision (Established Relationship).
More Than Just A Holiday Romance (Published as a novel). (First Time).
More Than Just Passion (First Time).
Moving Forward (Established Relationship).

New Memories (Published as a novel). (First Time).
No Favourites (A companion piece to Gift Horse). (Established Relationship).
No Longer Just Good Friends (First Time).
Not Alone (Established Relationship).
Not For England (Established Relationship).
Not Free (Established Relationship).
Not Strange (Established Relationship).
Not What's On Offer (A sequel to Get It Over With). (First Time).
Nothing (Pre-Slash).

One Day (Established Relationship).
Out Of Habit (Established Relationship).
Out Of The Blue (First Time).

Penny For Them (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (Established Relationship).
Picture This (Established Relationship).
Pre-Determined (A sequel to Gift Horse, No Favourites and Couldn't Stay). (Established Relationship).

Quiet Nights Were The Worst (Established Relationship).
Quirks (Established Relationship).

Realisation (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (First Time).
Realities (Established Relationship).
Revelations (Published in Secret Agent Men 9). (First time).

Sleeping Around (Established Relationship).
Something Else To Think About (First Time).
So Much (Pre-Slash).
Start Again (A sequel to I Never Wanted). (Established Relationship).
Sweet Surrender (First Time).

Take A Chance (Published in Secret Agent Men 10). (Pre-Slash).
Tenacious Doyle (Established Relationship)
The Beginning Of A New Christmas Tradition (Established Relationship).
The Distance Between Us (Established Relationship).
The Dream (Published in Secret Agent Men 3). (Established Relationship).
The Letter (Published in Secret Agent Men 7). (Pre-Slash).
The Return (A sequel to The Letter). (Published in Secret Agent Men 7). (First Time).
The Things I Do For You Sunshine (First Time).
The Truth Will Out (Established Relationship).
The Wonderful Thing About Equality. (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (Established Relationship).
They Don't Talk (Established Relationship).
Till Death Does Us Join (Published in Darby Brennan Collected). (Established Relationship).
'Tis The Season (First Time).
Too Much (Established Relationship).
Touched (Published in Secret Agent Men 8). (Established Relationship).

Until That Day (Pre-Slash).
Until The End (Established Relationship).
Unusual Assignment (First Time).

Victory Is Hollow (Established Relationship).

What Are Friends For? (First Time).
Who Is Ray Doyle? (Published as a novel). (Established Relationship).
Whose Bed? (First Time).
Why Can't We Be Gentle? (Established Relationship).
Why Did He Do It? (Established Relationship).
Will You? (Established Relationship).

X Marks The Spot (Established Relationship).

You Only Had To Ask (Published in Secret Agent Men 1). (First Time).
You're Kidding, Right? (Pre-Slash).
Yuletide Happenings (First Time).

Zero Degrees (Established Relationship).
Autumn: Road (Winding)

Fraser/Vecchio (Due South) Stories


72 Stories
26/26 Letters

05 Pre-Slash
15 First Time
52 Established Relationship

A Little Learning (Established Relationship).
A Partner Is Always A Partner (Established Relationship).
According To Benny (Established Relationship).
Actions Speak Louder Than Words (First Time).
All He Can Do (Established Relationship).

Beginning Again (A sequel to Kissing Benny). (Established Relationship).

Coming To Terms (Pre-Slash)
Could Have Been Worse (Established Relationship).
Crossing Lines (Established Relationship).

Dreams Can Come True (Published in Struck By Lightning AKA Coup De Foudre). (First Time).
Dinner For Two (Established Relationship).
Due South (Pre-Slash).

Endless (Established Relationship).

Fifty Moments In Time (Established Relationship)
Flashback (A sequel North). (Established Relationship).
For You Benny (Published in Struck By Lightning AKA Coup De Foudre). (First Time).
Forever Isn't Long Enough (Published in Tabula Rasa). (First Time).

Good Sign (A sequel to Endless). (Established Relationship).

He Had To Go
He Had To Hope
He Had To Imagine
He's My Benny (Established Relationship).
Heading Undercover (First Time).
Heaven And Earth (A sequel to The Promise). (Established Relationship).
His Touch (Pre-Slash)
His Voice (Established Relationship).
Holding On (Established Relationship).
Home (Established Relationship).
How Do You Say Goodbye? (Established Relationship).

In Time (A companion piece to X Means I Love You). (Established Relationship).
Incomplete (Established Relationship).

Journey's End (Established Relationship).

Kissing Benny (A sequel to Unknown Boundaries). (Established Relationship).

Leaving You (Established Relationship).
Letting Go (Established Relationship).

Making The First Move (First Time).
Miracles Do Happen (First Time).

No Comparison (Established Relationship).
No Longer Apart (Established Relationship).
North (Established Relationship).

Over (Established Relationship).

Parents Are Always Parents (Established Relationship).
Pretence (Pre-slash)

Quietening Benny (A sequel to Sweetest Sound*. (Established Relationship).

Ray Surrenders (Established Relationship).

Saying Goodbye (Established Relationship).
Sunrise (Established Relationship).
Sunset (A companion piece to Sunrise). (Established Relationship).
Sweetest Sound (A sequel to Beginning Again). (Established Relationship).

The Orange Shirt (First Time).
The Other Side Of Love (Established Relationship).
The Promise ( A sequel to You Must Remember This). (Established Relationship).
The Sound Of Silence (First Time).
The Things You Do For Love (First Time).
Things Not Said (Pre-Slash).
Time (Established Relationship).
Time And Tide (Established Relationship).
To Have And To Hold (Established Relationship).
Trying Something New (First Time).

Unknown Boundaries (A sequel to Good Sign). (Established Relationship).
Until The End Of Time (First Time).

Vows To Be Broken (Established Relationship).

Warm Me Up (Established Relationship).
What Forgiveness Is All About (First Time).
What's In A Name (Established Relationship).
Where Ray Is (A sequel to With The Rising Of The Sun). (Established Relationship).
Whither Thou Goest (Established Relationship)
With The Rising Of The Sun (First Time).

X Means I Love You (Established Relationship).

You Are The One (First Time).
You Must Remember This (A sequel to Flashback). (Established Relationship).

Zenith Of Love (Established Relationship).
Autumn: Road (Winding)

Abby/McGee (NCIS) Stories


75 Stories
26/26 Letters

01 Pre-Het
01 First Time
73 Established Relationship

A Beloved Couple (Established Relationship).
A Future Together (Established Relationship).
A Kind Of Peace (Established Relationship).
A Time For Reflection (Established Relationship).
A Trial Period (Pre-Het).
Abby's Surprise (Established Relationship).
An Inner Purity (Established Relationship).
As Those Who Will Not Hear (Established Relationship).

Before It's Too Late (Established Relationship).
Better Left Unasked (Established Relationship).

Confirmation Needed (A sequel to Getting It Right). (Established Relationship).
Choices To Be Made (Established Relationship).

Decision Time (Established Relationship).
Decisions To Be Made (Established Relationship).

Everything Will Be All Right (A sequel to Confirmation Needed). (Established Relationship).

Facts Of Life (Established Relationship).
Fifty Reasons For Loving (Established Relationship).

Getting It Right (A sequel to Decision Time). (Established Relationship).

Had He Blown It? (Established Relationship).
Happiness Is (Established Relationship).
Having Faith (Established Relationship).
He Couldn't Tell Her (Established Relationship).
Her First Outing (A sequel to She's A Diamond). (Established Relationship).
His Weakness (Established Relationship).

Indulged (Established Relationship).
Interrupting Abby (Established Relationship).
It Was Over (Established Relationship).

Joyous (Established Relationship).
Just Another Day (Established Relationship).
Just For Once (Established Relationship).

Kindred Spirits (Established Relationship).

Lean On Me (A sequel to Yearnings Not Taken). (Established Relationship).
Leave It To Ducky (Established Relationship).
Looking To Be Different (Established Relationship).

Matchmaker (Established Relationship).
Magic (Established Relationship).
Most Important (Established Relationship).
Must Have (Established Relationship).

Never Completely Off Duty (Established Relationship).
New Beginnings (Established Relationship).
No Thinking (Established Relationship).
Not Like A Puppy (Established Relationship).
Not Redundant (Established Relationship).

Ornamentation (Established Relationship).
Out Of The Mouths Of Babes (Established Relationship).

Peace Is Shattered (Established Relationship).
Playing With Fire (Established Relationship).

Quelling The Fear (Established Relationship).
Quietness (Established Relationship).
Quilt Of Hope (Established Relationship).

Remembering (Established Relationship).

Second Guessing (Established Relationship).
Seeking Permission (Established Relationship).
She's A Diamond (Established Relationship).
She's All That (Established Relationship).
She's Not You (A sequel to Ziva's Advice). (Established Relationship).
Something Between Them (First Time).
Somewhat Fitting (A sequel to Abby's Surprise) (Established Relationship).
Still Loved (Established Relationship).

Tell Him (Established Relationship).
The Perfect Day (A sequel to Zeal For Life). (Established Relationship).
The Right Time (Established Relationship).
Tim's Surprise (Established Relationship).

Unacceptable (Established Relationship).
Until You'd Gone (Established Relationship).

Vagaries Of The Young (Established Relationship).

What Are We Going To Do? (Established Relationship).
What He Would Have Wanted (Established Relationship).
Where There's A Will (Established Relationship).

X-Ray Vision (A sequel to Vagaries Of The Young). (Established Relationship).

Yearnings Not Taken (Established Relationship).
You Can't Have It All (Established Relationship).

Zeal For Life (A sequel to Everything Will Be All Right). (Established Relationship).
Ziva Helps Out (Established Relationship).
Ziva's Advice (Established Relationship).
Autumn: Road (Winding)

Miscellaneous Slash Pairings and Fandoms Stories


71 Stories
26/26 Letters

10 Pre-Slash
16 First Time
45 Established Relationship

07 Pairings/Characters
07 Fandoms

Highlander: The Series - Duncan/Methos (01)
M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ (27)
Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson (12)
Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch (23)
The Dalgliesh Mysteries - Dalgliesh/Massingham (01)
The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie (06)
The West Wing - Tony/Sam (01)

A Place Together (Published as a novel). (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Always On My Mind (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Another Day, Another Dollar (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).

Back Into The Shadows (Highlander: The Series - Duncan/Methos). (Established Relationship).
Because I Love You (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).
Because Of You (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Believing In Miracles (A sequel to Time To Reflect). (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (Pre-Slash)
Better Left Unsaid (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Pre-Slash).
Blame It On The Gin (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).

Choosing The Gift (A sequel to Exclusive). (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Coming Down To Earth (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).
Complete Turnaround (Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch). (First Time)
Contentment Is Mine (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (A sequel to Believing In Miracles). (First Time).

Death Surrounds (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).
Detective Kenneth Hutchinson Lost (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Do I Really Have To Wear A Tie? (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Dying Is Not An Option (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (First Time).

Eternally Yours (Holmes/Watson - Sherlock Holmes). (First Time).
Everything Will Be All Right (A sequel to For Watson). (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (Established Relationship).
Exclusive (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).

Finding Peace (Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
For Watson (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (First Time).

Goodbye Hawkeye (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).

Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Healing Words (The Dalgliesh Mysteries - Dalgliesh/Massingham). (First Time).
Hidden Ones Are The Worst (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (First Time).

I Can't (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Pre-Slash).
I Remember L. A. (Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
I Think Of You (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).
If You Don't Ask (Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch). (First Time).
It Doesn't Matter (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Pre-Slash).

Just Another Case (Holmes/Watson). (Established Relationship).
Just Maybe (The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie). (Established Relationship).

Kindred Spirits (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (A companion piece to I Can't). (Pre-Slash).

Lucky In Love (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).
Lying To Himself (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (First Time).

Maybe One Day (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Me And Thee (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Mirror Image (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).

Never The Same Again (The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie). (First Time).
Not Only About Pride (The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie). (Established Relationship).
Not Without Feelings Of Guilt (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (First Time).

Only A Change Of Worlds (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).

Peace Comes At A Cost (A companion piece to Victory Is Hollow. (Established Relationship).
Promises Kept (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).

Quite Content (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (Pre-slash)
Quietening The Silence (Hawkeye/BJ - M*A*S*H). (Established Relationship).

Remembering Neil (The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie). (Established Relationship).
Return To Me (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).

So Much (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).
Sometimes Love Isn't Enough (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Sublime Ridiculousness (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).

Taking Care (Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
The Birthday Gift (A sequel to Choosing The Gift). (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
The Letter (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).
The Perfect Christmas Gifts(Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (First Time).
The Real Reason (The West Wing - Toby/Sam). (Established Relationship).
The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time (The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie). (Established Relationship).
Their Real Goodbye (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).
Time To Reflect (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (Pre-Slash).

Unnerved (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (First Time).

Victory Is Hollow (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (First Time).

Walk By Moonlight (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (A sequel to I Can't & Kindred Spirits). (First Time).
Watching And Waiting (Starsky & Hutch – Starsky/Hutch). (Established Relationship).
Watching Willie (The Sandbaggers - Neil/Willie). (Established Relationship).
Winter Reflections (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (A sequel to Contentment Is Mine.). (Established Relationship).
With My Eyes Open (Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch). (First Time).

Xenogenic Cause (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (A companion piece to Quite Content). (Pre-Slash).

You Needed Me (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (First Time).
You're A Doctor First (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ). (Established Relationship).

Zenith Of Perfection (Sherlock Holmes - Holmes/Watson). (Pre-Slash)
Autumn: Road (Winding)

Miscellaneous Het Pairings and Fandoms Stories


34 Stories
26/26 Letters

04 Pre-Het
07 First Time
22 Established Relationship

02 Pairings
02 Fandoms

Buffyverse- Buffy/Angel (14)
Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers (20)

Always (A companion piece to My Girl). (Buffyverse- Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).

Breaking Unwritten Rules (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (First time).

Could Do It Now (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).

Dead Inside (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Pre-Het).

Ever More With You (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Established Relationship).
Expectations (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Established Relationship).

Falling Into Despair (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).

Getting It Right (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Established Relationship).

His Saviour (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Established Relationship).
Home Is Where (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Pre-Het).
Hopelessly Devoted (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).

Innocent Though Experienced (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).

Just Barbara (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Established Relationship).

Kissing You (A sequel to Dead Inside). (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (First Time).

Loving Her (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).

My Girl (A companion piece to Always). (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel).(Established Relationship).

Never Forget (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).

One For One (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Established Relationship).

Powers Stronger Than They (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).

Questioning Himself (A sequel to She Can Do It). (Lynley/Havers). (Established Relationship).

Realising His True Feelings (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (First Time).
Ready To Take A Chance (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (First Time).

She Can Do It (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (First Time).

Tears That Burn (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).
The Cost (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).
The First Step (A sequel to Breaking Unwritten Rules). (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Established Relationship).

Until The End (A sequel to Innocent Though Experienced). (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).

Vengeance Is Mine (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Established Relationship).

Watching Over You (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (First Time).
Welcome To The Hellmouth (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Pre-Het).
Wishing For The Sun (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (Pre-Het).

X-Rated Films (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (First Time).

You Brought It Back. (A sequel to Wishing For The Sun). (Inspector Lynley - Lynley/Havers). (First Time).

Zealous Willow (Buffyverse - Buffy/Angel). (Established Relationship).
Autumn: Road (Winding)

Miscellaneous Gen Characters & Fandoms


23 Stories
23/26 Letters
(O, P, Q, remaining)


Giles - 22
Giles & Wesley - 01

Angel/Angelus (Entry 06 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles)

Buffy (Entry 03 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles)

Counsel Thy Self (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Death Was Her Gift (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Ethan's Return (Buffyverse - Giles).

Forgiveness (BuffyVerse - Giles & Wesley).

Getting Away For A While (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Home Is Where The Heart Is (Buffyverse - Giles).

I Cannot Tell Her (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Judgement Calls (Buffyverse - Giles).

Keeping A Balance (Buffyverse - Giles).

Libraries Contain More Than Books (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Might It Have Made A Difference? (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Not An Auspicious Start (Entry 01 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles).




Rupert Giles AKA Ripperr (Entry 07 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles)

She Has Friends (Entry 02 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles).

The Light Has Gone (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Unfamiliar Territory (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Vows To Be Kept (Entry 11 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Willow (Entry 04 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles).

Xander (Entry 05 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles)

Yuletide Musings (Entry 09 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles)

Zenith Reached (Entry 012 in The Private Watcher's Diary of Rupert Giles). (BuffyVerse - Giles)
Autumn: Road (Winding)

NCIS General Series - Slash


116 Stories
26/26 Letters

Pre-Slash 16
First Time Slash 33
Established Relationship Slash 66

DiNozzo/McGee - 11
DiNozzo/Palmer - 05
Ducky/Fornell - 03
Gibbs/Fornell - 20
Gibbs/McGee - 14
Gibbs/Palmer - 08
Jenny/Ziva - 11
McGee/Fornell -05
McGee/Palmer - 33
Ziva/Jeanne - 04

A Dozen Roses (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
A Drink Is Just A Drink, Or Is It? (DiNozzo/McGee). (Pre-Slash).
A Kiss Is Never Just A Kiss (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
A New Light (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
A Night At The Opera (McGee/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
A Sense Or Relief ( A sequel to Concerns & The Final Hurdle). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
A Small Gesture (A sequel to At The End Of The Tunnel). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
A Start ( A sequel to A Trip Down Memory Lane). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
A Trip Down Memory Lane (A sequel to Don't Want To Be Alone). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
A Wake Up Call (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).
Abby's Blessing (McGee/Palmer). (A sequel to A Night At The Opera). (Pre-Slash).
About Time (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
All About Control (Gibbs/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Anticipation (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Are We Dating? (DiNozzo/Palmer). (First Time).
Are You Dancing? (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
At The End Of The Tunnel (A sequel to A Start). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Being Brave (A sequel to Seeking Advice). (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Being Foolish? (Ziva/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
Believing In Himself (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Better Together Than Apart (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Blame It On The Whiskey (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).
Breaking Rule Twelve (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).

Changing Of The Guard (DiNozzo/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Come Back To Me (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Coming Clean (McGee/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Coming Together (A sequel to How To Raise The Subject"). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Concerns (A sequel to Why Me?) (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).

Day Of Remembrance (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Dedication (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Dinner For Two (A sequel to Treading Carefully.. (McGee/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Do You Want To Be My Ducky? (DiNozzo/Palmer). (First Time).
Doing It For Love (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Don't Want To Be Alone (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).

Eventually He Gets It (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).
Eye Opener (DiNozzo/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

Finding One Another (Gibbs/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
For More Than Just One Night (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
For Tim (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Forget The World (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).

Gadget For The Geek (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Going Home For Christmas (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Going Steady (A sequel to Matchmaker). (Gibbs/Fornell). (First Time).
Gut Instinct (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Happiness Is . . . (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Heatwave (Jenny/Ziva). (First Time).
Here All Along (Gibbs/Fornll).
Her Saviour (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
How To Raise The Subject (A sequel to Just A Kid). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).

It Began In The Squad Room (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).
It Must Be Love (McGee/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Joshing Jimmy (Gibbs/Palmer). (First Time).
Just A Kid (A sequel to A Sense Of Relief). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Just Her Dreams (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Keeping It In House (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Life Is Too Short (Gibbs/McGee). (First Time).
Living It Down (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Love In A Strange Place (Gibbs/Palmer). (First Time).
Loyalty (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Making Plans (A sequel to A Small Gesture). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Matchmaker (Gibbs/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Melted (A sequel to Very Different Women). (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Missing You (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Never Say Never (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Never Too Much (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Not Fooled (A sequel to All About Control). (Gibbs/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Not In His Wildest Dreams (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

Occasional Doubts (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Once Is Not Enough (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Open To New Experiences (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Out Of Death (Ziva/Jeanne). (Pre-Slash).

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Quiet Night In (McGee/Palmer). (A sequel to Abby's Blessing). (First Time).

Remembering (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Romance Isn't Dead (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

Same Time Next Week (Ducky/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Secrets Discovered (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Seeking Advice (McGee/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
Sensory Attack (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Sometimes Second Best Will Do (Ducky/Fornell). (First Time).
Starting Anew (Gibbs/McGee). (First Time).

Talk Of The Squad Room (Ziva/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
Talking It Through (A sequel to Being Brave). (McGee/Palmer).
Telling Gibbs (A sequel to A Quiet Night In). (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
The Female Factor (DiNozzo/McGee). (Established Relationship).
The Final Hurdle(A sequel to Why Me?) (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
The Morning After (A sequel to Heatwave). (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
The Team Should Know (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Things Overheard (McGee/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
Thinking About Tony (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).
Time To Tell (DiNozzo/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
To Thine Own Self Be True (McGee/Palmer). (Pre-Slash).
Too Old? (A sequel to Why Not?). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Too Soon? (Ziva/Jeanne). (A sequel to Out Of Death). (Pre-Slash).
Treading Carefully (McGee/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Trespassing (McGee/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).

Until You Came Along (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

Very Different Women (Jenny/Ziva). (First Time).
Visiting Tim (A sequel to To Thine Own Self To True). (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).

Walk By Moonlight (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
Wanting And Getting A sequel to Dinner For Two). (McGee/Fornell). (First Time).
Watching And Wanting (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).
What Matters Is Us (Gibbs/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
What To Do (A sequel to Are You Dancing?). (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
What Now? (A sequel to Sometimes Second Best Will Do). (Ducky/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
What Will Be Will Be (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).
Why Me? (Gibbs/McGee). (First Time).
Without You (McGee/Palmer). (First Time).
Why Not? (A sequel to Coming Together). (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
Work It Out (DiNozzo/McGee). (First Time).

X Or Y (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).

You Alone Can Make Me Whole (Gibbs/McGee). (Established Relationship).
You Can Make Me Smile (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Yours Or Mine? (Gibbs/Fornell). (Established Relationship).

Zero Hour). (Jenny/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Zero Tolerance (McGee/Palmer). (Established Relationship).
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NCIS General Series - Het


77 Stories
26/26 letters

Pre-Het 19
First Time Het 11
Established Relationship Het 44

DiNozzo/Abby - 01
DiNozzo/EJ - 02
DiNozzo/Jeanne - 12
DiNozzo/Maddie - 07
DiNozzo/Ziva - 46
Kort/Jenny - 08

A Raging Storm (A sequel to Had Hoped). (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
After The Storm (A sequel to A Raging Storm). (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
All He Desires (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).
All The Way (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
An Acceptable Cliché (A sequel to Sometimes You Are Wrong). (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
And Now? (A sequel to Who Are You?). (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
At Important Times (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Better This Way (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).
Big Enough For Two (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Clandestine Meetings (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Could Not Help It (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).

Dad, Meet Ziva (Established Relationship). (DiNozzo/Ziva).
Done With Waiting (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).
Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DiNozzo/Maddie). (Established Relationship).

Eternal Triangle (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).
Even Better Than I Love You (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).

Falling Leaves (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
For Once (Kort/Jenny). (Pre-Het).
Fourth Of July (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).

Given A Second Chance (A kind of sequel to Never Again). (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).

Had Hoped (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
He Knows Her (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).
Her Private Pleasure (Kort/Jenny). (Established Relationship).
His First Sight Of Her (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

I Loved Her (Kort/Jenny). (Pre-Het).
In His Dreams (DiNozzo/Maddie). (Established Relationship).
It Will Be Worth It (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Just An Ordinary Day (DiNozzo/Maddie). (Established Relationship).
Just Another Day (A sequel to Not According To Plan). (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Just Tony (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Keeping Watch (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).

Let Me Teach You (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Like Somalia (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).
Looking Ahead (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Matchmaker (Gibbs/Fornell). (Pre-Slash).
Maybe One Day (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).
More Things In Heaven And Earth (DiNozzo/Maddie). (Pre-Het).
My Fault (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
My Hero (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

Never Again (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
Never To Forget (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Nice Meeting You (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Pre-Het).
Not About To Let Go (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).
Not Quite According To Plan (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Now You Do (A sequel to Earned It). (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).

Once In A Lifetime (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).

Part Of Her (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).
Paying The Price (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).

Quite Long Enough (A sequel to Keeping Watch. (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).

Rationalization (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).
Running Out Of Time (DiNozzo/Maddie). (Established Relationship).

Scars Within And Without (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Servant Of Two Masters (Kort/Jenny). (Established Relationship).
Shouldn't I? (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Some Things Are Worth The Cost (DiNozzo/Maddie). (Established Relationship).
Someone Who Understands (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).
Sometimes Love Is Not Enough (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
Sometimes You Are Wrong (A sequel to My Hero). (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Stand By Me (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
Stay With Me (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).

Take A Chance (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Pre-Het).
The Only Person (A sequel to Until Tonight). (Kort/Jenny). (Established Relationship).
The Wind In Her Hair (DiNozzo/Maddie). (Established Relationship).
Their First Kiss (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).
Third Time Lucky? (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
To Her Grave (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).
Too Late (Kort/Jenny). (Pre-Het).

Under Control (A sequel to An Acceptable Cliché. (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Until Tonight (A sequel to For Once). (Kort/Jenny). (Pre-Slash).

Veritable Knowledge (DiNozzo/EJ). (Established Relationship).

Weathering The Storm (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).
What Have I Done? (DiNozzo/Abby). (First Time).
Who Are You? (A sequel to After The Storm.). (DiNozzo/Jeanne). (Established Relationship).
Why Me? (Gibbs/McGee). (First Time).
Why We Fight (DiNozzo/Ziva). (Established Relationship).

X-Factor Realized (DiNozzo/EJ). (Established Relationship).

Yield Not To Temptation (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).
You Had To Be There (Kort/Jenny). (Established Relationship).

Ziva's Wish (DiNozzo/Ziva). (First Time).
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Raffles/Bunny (Raffles) Stories


65 Stories
26/26 Letters

03 Pre-Slash
43 First Time
19 Established Relationship

A Simple Affair Of The Heart (Established Relationship)
A Worried Rabbit (First Time).
Across Worlds (Established Relationship).
All Or Nothing (First Time).
Anything For You (First Time).

Because I Love Him (Established Relationship).
Bunny Saves The Day (Established Relationship).
Bunny's First Kiss (First Time).

Caring About Bunny (First Time).
Close Call (Established Relationship).
Christmas Past And Present (Established Relationship).

Dance With Me (First Time).
Doing His Duty (First Time).
Don't Deny Me (First Time).

Even Raffles Is Not Immune (First Time).
Evermore With You (First Time).

Finding A Solution (Established Relationship).
For Him Whom I Love (Established Relationship).

Gaining Knowledge (First Time).
Gentlemen Can Be Players (First Time).

Hard Habit To Break (First Time).
He Will Pay (Established Relationship).

I Remembered (First Time).
In Bunny's Hands (First Time).
It Happens (First Time).

Just For The Summer? (First Time).
Just Once More (First Time).

Keeping My Rabbit Warm (First Time).
Keeping Possession (First Time).

Letting Go (First Time).
Lost Innocence (First Time).

Making A Choice (First Time).
Making Things Right (First Time).
Mine (First Time).

Name Your Crime (First Time).
Not What He Had Intended (First Time).

Obliging (First Time).
Opening The Door (First Time).

Persuasion (First Time).
Possession (Pre-Slash).
Pulling Together (Established Relationship).

Quartet For New Year (A sequel to Christmas Past And Present). (Established Relationship).
Quest For A Rabbit (Established Relationship).
Questioning Raffles (First Time).

Realising The Lengths To Which A Rabbit Will Go (First Time).
Rescued (First Time).
Rules Are Made To Be Broken (First Time).

Something Different For New Year's Eve (Established Relationship).
Stories From School (Established Relationship for the prologue and epilogue; first time for the second half of the final story; otherwise gen/pre-slash).
Surprises (Pre-Slash).

This Time (First Time).
Tired Of Waiting (First Time).

Unexpected Courage (First Time).
Unexpected Reunion (First Time).

Venturing Into The Unknown (First Time).
Verily I Love You (Established Relationship).

Watching Over You (First Time).
Worlds Without End (Established Relationship).

X Marks The Spot (Established Relationship).
XII Years To The Day (First Time).

You Only Have To Ask (First Time).
Your Man (First Time).

Zealous Bunny (Established Relationship)
Zero Tolerance (First Time).
Zeroing In (First Time).
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NCIS - Faking It

Simply put: A holding episode

Faking It - Review

One other thing, apart from the whole Gibbs/Ducky relationship about which I spoke last week, and why Ducky is being like he is,* struck me.

Collapse )

It's to do with pairings.

I was chatting earlier today with maubast and londonronnie, and we were saying that we had no idea where DPB stood on fandom in general, and fanfic in particular (we were discussing the whole Sponsored Communities issue).

The subject of pairings came up and I realised that in four episodes we have had some interesting 'evidence' for want of a better word.

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