October 3rd, 2006

Animals: Rabbit

And yet more on Sponsored Communities

LJ is looking for constructive comments

From Brad, who is yet again trying to do some damaged control.

Love 'em, hate 'em, or really hate 'em..... sponsored communities aren't going away.

But nobody (not us, not the companies) wants to trick you about what they are ... these companies want a place to communicate with you. Yes, with you. Not at you. If they wanted to communicate at you they'd make a website or advertise on a billboard. (which they also do) But they want a forum in which they can talk with you. Maybe you have no interest in talking to them ... that's fine. Don't go there.

But done right (which we haven't done yet), they can be good in two ways:

1) they give us money, so we keep going and doing things which you do care about,
2) if you care about the company, you have a place to talk to them, on a site you already use.

Sure, maybe you don't care about the current company(ies) which have sponsored communities, but maybe your favorite wonderful company (not an evil one like us), comes along and you actually would like to talk to them ..... then you might care.

Help us make it not suck. Asking for it to go away won't help, so give us something constructive ....

-- if we can rename it, let's rename it
-- if we can hide it better from you, tell us where (and we will hide it for Basic users... subsequent post coming on that)

Basically we screwed this up. The feature could've been great, but everybody thought, "What? Companies want to pay for LiveJournals to talk to their customers? Uh, sure.... we already have that!" But obviously we didn't already have it, because it needs more disambiguation loving.

So basically, LJ do not give a damn what their customers want; they are going to do what they want irrelevant of the backlash.

How sad, how very, very sad.

If you have something constructive to say about this then go to this post. Okay, so deep down I never expected them to listen or change their minds but . . . Well there was still a small part of me that hoped.

I love LJ, it's part of my life. I love my f-list, I don't want to change to another journal and have to start all over again. It's because I care so much that I am so saddened by this.