September 12th, 2006

Animals: Rabbit

We always knew we had a strange dog

As some of you know, Tansy hasn't been well for over a week. The vet wasn't sure if it was just a nasty stomach upset or a growth - she is over 15, so the possibility of the latter has to be faced.

However, they decided to treat the former and hope for the best. So they put her on some liquid treatment that J had to squirt down her throat three times a day. and another stronger and larger dose at supper time. The also said that all she was to have was a tablespoon of chicken every two hours; no dog biscuits or carrots or anything else. Now you'd think that any dog would be leap at the chance to have freshly cooked chicken, not processed stuff from the supermarket, five times a day, wouldn't you? Not Tansy.

After a couple of days she went back to the vet, she still wasn't totally well, and they upped this to two tablespoons every two hours and gave her stronger tablets rather than liquid. That was when she really started to turn her nose up at it - she had to be coaxed to eat her chicken, clearly she was bored with it.

In fact one morning J said she hadn't touched it at all and seemed to be really moping around. I suggested that the problem might be because he'd put it down in the utility room, which is where she has her supper, rather than give it to her in the kitchen. So he moved it and after several doggy sighs and much coaxing (hand feeding the first couple of bits) she ate it!

Now Tansy isn't the brightest crayon in the box, in fact with the best will in the world, our dog is thick. We swear that when brains were given out, she was in the queue for extra bounce :-) However, she a great sense of time and place; she has her supper in the utility room and it wasn't supper time, therefore she wasn't going to eat it what she viewed to be her supper there! She wanted it in the kitchen, because it was clearly a treat, and if she ever gets treats, she has them in the kitchen.

She was thoroughly fed up of having nothing but chicken, there was none of her usual excitement about food, it was a case of 'oh, no, not chicken again', and she'd look at us balefully. Okay, I know dogs don't really have expressions; but Tansy has extremely expressive ears!

J took her back to the vet's yesterday, we both thought that the vet would suggest a scan, as she still didn't seem quite right. But the vet was actually happy, said that Tansy was a lot brighter than on Friday. You know how it is, when you live with someone/a pet day in day out, you don't necessarily see the improvements as much as someone who isn't living with the person/pet. Plus, like all Westies, Tansy knows how to 'act' and how to get the sympathy vote - especially from us - in fact J said that once she got into the vet's she seemed to perk up! Thus she was given the all clear to go back on to her normal diet; basically try it and see how it goes, was what the vet said.

She's so much happier, I am pleased to say. Not only is she only getting chicken at supper time, but her whole day is back to who it should be, thus all is right with her world again.

The vet apparently seemed quite amused by this dog who was virtually turning her nose up at being given chicken five times a day.

As the subject says, 'we always knew we had a strange dog'.