September 11th, 2006

Birds: Owl (Snowy)

Napoleon/Illya (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) Stories


72 Stories
26/26 Letters

07 Pre-Slash
15 First Time
50 Established Relationship

A Break In Proceedings (Established Relationship).
A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss (First Time).
A Lesson In Christmas (Established Relationship).
A Russian In America (First Time).
A Taxing Situation (Established Relationship).
Age Cannot Sully (Established Relationship).
Age Does Not Weary (Established Relationship).

Bless You (Established Relationship).
Bluffing (Established Relationship).

Ceaseless (A sequel to Years Pass). (Established Relationship).

Directions (Established Relationship).

Enough Is Enough (Published in Worlds Enough 2). (First Time).
Entrapment (Established Relationship).

First Impressions (Established Relationship).
First Things First ( A companion piece to Zero Hour). (Pre-Slash).
For The Want Of A Nail (Established Relationship).
Forgiveness (Published in The Spy Who Loved Me 2). (Established Relationship).

Getting Started (First Time).
Good Money (First Time).

He Knew (Pre-Slash)
Heartbreaks Can Be Mended (Established Relationship).
Hidden Torture (Established Relationship).

Illya Kuryakin Unleashed (Published in The Spy Who Loved Me 2). (Established Relationship).
Illya's Via Dolorosa (First Time).
It Was Time (Established Relationship).

Just Another Assignment (Established Relationshiip).
Just In Time (Established Relationship).
Justifiably Proud (Established Relationship).

Keep Out (A companion piece to Questioning). (Pre-Slash).
Keep Walking (A sequel to Ceaseless). (Established Relationship).
Keeping Hope Alive (Established Relationship).

Lovers On A Train (Established Relationship).

Mr. Waverly's Plot (Published in Worlds Enough 1). (First Time).

New Beginnings (Established Relationship).
New Year's Eve (Published in Worlds Enough 1). (First Time).
Napoleon Solo's Surprise (Published in Worlds Enough 2). (Established Relationship).

Optimistic Until The End (Established Relationship).
Once A Spy, Always A Spy (Established Relationship).
Optimization (Established Relationship).

Partners (First Time).
Purple Prose (First Time).

Questioning (Pre-Slash).
Questions To Be Answered (Pre-Slash).

Refusal Was Not An Option (Established Relationship).
Rescuing Napoleon (Established Relationship).

Silence Can Be A Lie (Established Relationship).
Simply A Case Of When (Pre-Slash).
So Many Years (Established Relationship).
Something Quite Different (Established Relationship).

The Deepest Scars Of All (Established Relationship).
The Devil In Me (Established Relationship).
The Sound OF Silence (First Time).
The Twelve Days Of Christmas (Established Relationship).
The Uncovered Affair (Published in The Spy Who Loved Me 1). (Established Relationship).
There They (Established Relationship).
They Don't Talk About It (Established Relationship).
Time Stands Still (Established Relationship).
Tired Of Waiting (First Time).

U.N.C.L.E.'s Christmas Custom (Published in The Spy Who Loved Me 1). (First Time).
Underlying Cause (Established Relationship).

Vigilance Downtime (Established Relationship).
Virtuoso Performance (Established Relationship).
Vow Of Truth (A sequel to Questioning and Keep Out). (First Time).

What Will Be (Established Relationship).
Whatever It Takes (Published in Battle Of Hope). (Established Relationship).
Who Needs Hands? (Established Relationship).
Work Of An Expert (Established Relationship).

Xanthian Marbles (Established Relationship).

Years Go By (Established Relationship).
Your Property (First Time).

Zealous Napoleon (Established Relationship).
Zero Hour (Pre-Slash).
Birds: Pretty Red

NCIS General Series - Gen


159 Stories
26/26 Letters

Abby - 04
Abby & Ziva - 01
DiNozzo - 17
DiNozzo & McGee - 08
DiNozzo & Ziva - 01
Ducky - 11
Ducky & Abby - 01
Ducky & DiNozzo - 03
Ducky & Jimmy - 07
Fornell - 05
Franks & Jenny - 01
Gibbs - 08
Gibbs & DiNozzo - 04
Gibbs & Ducky - 10
Gibbs, Ducky & Jimmy - 01
Gibbs & Fornell - 02
Gibbs & McGee - 04
Gibbs & Tom Morrow - 02
Gibbs & Vance - 02
Jeanne - 01
Jenny - 04
Jimmy - 09
Kate - 08
McGee - 06
McGee & Ziva - 02
Michelle - 03
Original Character - 01
Team Gen - 15
Tom Morrow - 02
Vance - 05
Ziva - 11

A Change Of Direction (Gibbs, Ducky & Jimmy).
A Cop From Baltimore (Gibbs & Tom Morrow).
A Mistake (DiNozzo).
A Myth (Story one in the Ducky's Book series). (Ducky).
A New Year, A New Start (DiNozzo).
A Secret Kept (Abby).
About Your Vacation (A sequel to Had Not Realized and Could It Be?). (Gibbs & Ducky).
Absolute Power (Vance).
Act Of Kindness (Franks & Jenny).
All In The Seasoning (A sequel to Silly Season). (Team Gen).
All Sewn Up (Part five in Ducky's Book series). (Gibbs & DiNozzo).
All She Has Left (Ziva).
An FBI Agent (Fornell).
And Then They Were Six (Team Gen).
Apology Accepted (Team Gen).

Belonging (Ziva).
Between Black And White (DiNozzo & McGee).
Bored Now (DiNozzo & McGee).
But Why? (The fourth story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (Ziva).
By Dint Of Friendship (Gibbs & Ducky).
By The Light Of The Moon (Ducky).
By Way Of An Apology (A sequel to Bored Now). (DiNozzo & McGee).

Can't Forgive (Gibbs & Ducky).
Cautions Not Taken (Fornell).
Circle Of Life (DiNozzo).
Conflicting Thoughts (Gibbs & Vance).
Could It Be? (A companion piece to Had Not Realized). (Gibbs).

Decision Time ( A sequel to Conflicting Thoughts). (DiNozzo & McGee).
Desperate Times (Fornell).
DiNozzo's Kid Brother (DiNozzo).
Doing Okay (McGee).
Does Gibbs Have A Secret (Team Gen).
Drink Is Cheap In Mexico (Gibbs).

Earned It (Team).
Eggs For All (A sequel to All In The Seasoning). (Team Gen).
Emily (Fornell).
End Of The Mallards (Ducky).
Envy (DiNozzo).
Every Day (Jenny).
Every Night (Michelle).
Everyone Has Ghosts (DiNozzo).
Everything Changes (Ducky).

Family (Gibbs & DiNozzo).
Finger On The Trigger (Ziva).
For A While (DiNozzo).
Fragmentation (Gibbs).

Geeks Together (McGee & DiNozzo).
Give Me A Reason (The second story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (Gibbs & Fornell).
Good Things Overheard (Jimmy).

Had Not Realized ( A sequel to Happy New Year?). (Ducky).
Happy New Year? (Gibbs & Ducky).
He Has To (The sixth story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (Abby).
He Will (The seventh story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (Ducky & Jimmy).
Her Duty (Ziva).
Her First Day (Ziva).
Hide What's Inside (DiNozzo).

I Believe In You (Ducky & Jimmy).
IDIC (Ducky).
If Only . . . (Gibbs).
I'm Not Telling Ducky (Gibbs & DiNozzo).
In The Cards (Abby & Ziva)
In His Nature (Ducky & DiNozzo).
In Tim's Opinion (Part four in Ducky's Book series). (Gibbs & McGee).
In Too Deep (Michelle).
Is It Too Late? (Ziva).
Is She Ready? (Jenny).
It's Time (DiNozzo).
It's What Friends Do (McGee & DiNozzo).

Jimmy's Secret (Jimmy).
Just A Game? (Ducky & Abby).
Just Once (Jimmy).

Kate's Choice (Kate).
Kate's Concerns (Kate).
Keepsake (McGee).
Knowledge Isn't Always Power (Kate).

Like Gossamer (Abby).
Lines That Are Thin (Jimmy).
Lost Everything (Ray Cruz).

Meeting Bert (Abby).
Metamorphosis (Ziva).
Missing Air Force One (Kate).
Mother Love (Jeanne).
Moving On (Tom Morrow).
My Children (Ducky).

Naughty And Nice (Kate).
Never Again (Ziva).
Never Hers (Jenny).
Never The Twain (Kate).
New Life ( A sequel to Mother Love). (DiNozzo)
No Excuse (DiNozzo).
Not Bad At All (The third story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (DiNozzo).
Not Knowing How (A sequel to What Should He Do?). (Gibbs & DiNozzo).
Not The Same (The fifth story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (McGee).
Nothing Annoys Them More (Ducky & Jimmy).

One Hundred Things (Jenny).
One Of Theme (Vance).
Opinion Sought (Part three in Ducky's Book series). (Gibbs & McGee).
Optimistic (Gibbs).
Out Of Death Comes Something Good (McGee & Ziva).

Please Come Back (Ducky).
Posthumously (Part two in Ducky's Book series). (Gibbs).
Proven To Be (Vance).

Questioning His Decision (Jimmy).

Really Want To Know (Ducky & DiNozzo).
Resolution (Team Gen).
Respect Has To Be Earned (Team Gen).
Rule Fifty-One (Gibbs & Ducky).

Say Goodbye To It All (Team).
Scuttlebutt (Ducky).
Silly Season (Gibbs & Ducky).
Skeleton In The Closet (Gibbs & Ducky).
Snow Hits DC (Team Gen).
Solved (The ninth story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (Team Gen).
Some Things Come Easily (DiNozzo).
Something To Tell You (A sequel to I Believe In You). (Jimmy).
Spin A Yarn (Ducky).
Suicide By Cop (Kate).

Taking Flight (Team).
Talking To Ducky (Ducky & DiNozzo).
Technologically Challenged (Gibbs & McGee).
The List Maker (McGee).
The Past Is Behind You (The first story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (Gibbs & Ducky).
The Return Of Anthony DiNozzo (McGee & DiNozzo).
The Right Decision (DiNozzo).
The Time Has Come (Ducky & Jimmy).
Their Weapons Of Choice (Team Gen).
There Has To Be More Than This (Ziva).
Thicker Than Water (McGee).
Timing Is Everything (A sequel to One Of Them. (Gibbs & Vance).
To Friendship (A sequel to By Way Of An Apology). (DiNozzo & McGee).
Today Of All Days (McGee).
Trust: A Five Letter Word (Michelle).
Trust Me (McGee & DiNozzo).
Trust Your Instincts (Jimmy).
Twenty Hours In LA (Gibbs & McGee).
Two In One (Fornell).
Turning Over A New Leaf (DiNozzo).

Underlying Order (Tom Morrow).
Up To Him (The tenth story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (Vance).

Very Different Men (Gibbs & Tom Morrow).

Wake-Up Call (Team)
Watching You (Team)
What Are Friends For? (Gibbs & Fornell).
What He Has To Do (Gibbs)
What Should He Do? (DiNozzo)
What's In A Name? (DiNozzo).
Where Is Home? (Ziva).
Who Should It Be? (Jimmy).
Why Me? (A sequel to Who Should It Be?). (Ducky & Jimmy).
Won't Change (Kate).
Worried About Abby (McGee & Ziva).
Worried About Dr. Mallard (Jimmy).
Would It Really Be A Crime? (Ducky).

X-Factor (Gibbs).
X-Ray Vision (Ducky & Jimmy).

You Always Do (The eight story in the Post Judgment Day Series). (Gibbs & Ducky).

Zoning In (Gen - Gibbs & Ducky)
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