September 1st, 2006

Occasions: Halloween (House)


I think that I am over the worst of this bug.

Put it this way, it's the first morning for over a week that I haven't wanted to go straight back to bed after breakfast. And although I do feel somewhat drained and washed-out, it is far less than it has been.

I shall still take it easy over the next couple of days and spend less time on my computer each day, but I feel that I am now able to start making my way through the comments, posts and emails. They won't all get answered overnight, but during the next few days I hope to have got through a good proportion of them.

Thank you all for your good wishes, hugs and kindness over the last week or so. They have made me feel cared for and perked me up to see what lovely friends I have (although, of course, I did already know that).
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Occasions: Halloween (House)

New Site Scheme

Thanks to maubast for the heads up.

LJ have now announced that the new site scheme (to be called Horizon) will become live on or after 14th September.

This means that:
  • All logged out users will see Horizon

  • All new accounts will have Horizon as their default site scheme

  • Anyone who hasn't explicitly chosen a different site scheme after August 31st will be switched to Horizon

If you do not wish to have this change forced on you, or indeed if you do wish to change over now, you need to go to Viewing Options, select the scheme you wish to use, scroll down to the end of the page and click 'Save Changes'.

In order not to be automatically switched over to Horizon, you must make your preferred selection between 31st August 2006 and 14th September 2006.

Thus, even if you are already using XColibur (which is the current default scheme) and you wish to continue to use XColibur, you need to go to Viewing Options and select and save XColibur again, otherwise you will be switched over to the new Horizon scheme in a few weeks. This applies to whichever scheme you wish to use, should you not wish to use the new default scheme.