August 19th, 2006

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20 Established Relationship Index Table - Gibbs/Ducky

My table for 20_est_relships challenge stories.

01.Celebration 02.Surprise 03. Pleasure 04.Past Times
05. Forgiveness 06. Pain 07.Understanding 08. Loss
09.Comfort 10.Hope 11.Love 12.Anniversary
13.Questions 14.Answers 15.Reflection 16.Symmetry
17.Home 18. Cherish 19.Future 20. Memories

20/20 - Completed 29th October 2007
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30 Memories Challenge Index Table - Gibbs/Ducky

My table for my 30_memories challenge stories.

001.Ten Years Ago. 002.Rings. 003. Omamori
(Honourable Protector).
004.Lost. 005. Do You Remember?
006.Anniversary. 007.I Promise I'll Be Back. 008.Sunset. 009.Figuring.
010.I'll Miss You.
011.Wait For Me. 012.Is It You? 013. Wonderland. 014.Chimes. 015.Silent Night.
Sub.Twinkle, Twinkle,
Little Star
017.Revenge. 018.Tears. 019.Please Forget
About Me.
021.Bizarre. 022.Last Meal. 023. Pink Carnation.
(I’ll Never Forget You).
025. Zinnia
(Thoughts Of Friends).
026.Yellow Tulip.
(Hopeless Love).

027.Love You For
A Life Time.
028. Black Rose
029.Sky Blue. 030.Memories.

30/30 - 24th April 2007.

NB An actual table wasn't provided for this challenge, so I have created one based on the fanfic100 table.
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Philosophy 20 Challenge Index Table - Gibbs/Ducky

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20 First Times Challenge Index Table - Gibbs/Ducky

My table for my 20_1sttimes challenge stories

01. Breakdown 02.Storm 03.Water 04.Lessons
05.Journey 06.Dinner 07.Shopping 08.Night
09.Morning 10.Decisions 11.Friends 12.Capture
13.Rooomates 14.Communication 15.Misunderstanding 16.Agendas
17.Starting From Scratch 18.Infamy 19.Substitution 20.Writer's Choice

20/20 - Completed 7th June 2008
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Now I know I'm utterly obsessed or is it devoted?

This is all the fault of toby_white_wolf; really it is.

As you know I'm doing the fanfic100 challenge for Gibbs/Ducky (what do you mean you didn't know *g*). A day or two ago, I posted my 91st story and the final nine are all 'in progress'. So what does one do when one gets to that stage?


It's like this...

I started to look around for more challenges. Yes, I know, I know, I am obsessed, insane, brave, and lots of other things - what can I say, I like a challenge.

As I said it is all toby_white_wolf's fault for finding such great challenges, signing up for them and posting the tables in her journal - I got hooked. (It had nothing to do with the promise of chocolate if I wrote more Gibbs/Ducky *g*)

So I signed up for four at the moment - no not 100 each (I'm not that mad); in fact none are 100. They add up to a mere 80 stories.

They are:

10_hurt_comfort - Oddly enough I don't really write that much h/c, so I thought ten would be a gentle challenge
20_1sttimes - I thought this would be a real challenge for me, because, as you know I much prefer established relationship stories.
philosophy_20 - I liked the prompts for this challenge
30_memories - I liked the prompts for this challenge

And yes, they are all Gibbs/Ducky.

And no I'm not looking at any other challenges? Ooops, Pinocchio time :-)

EDIT: I've now had my application for all four confirmed.