June 21st, 2006

Autumn: Leaves (Name)

A New Arrival (Now with Pictures)

Some of you have lived with the saga of us trying to find a car suitable to take my wheelchair, that is 'comfortable' (the word being a relative term) for me, and makes life as easy as possible for J when he has to get the chair in and out, etc.

Having looked at various options both of car and of financing it, we did finally decide to take advantage of the Motorbility Scheme, for which I qualify, and we decided to go for a proper wheelchair adapted vehicle with ramp, hoist, etc. One of the problems we had all along was that I do not need nor wish to travel in the wheelchair, hence the front seat of the car had to be 'comfortable'.

In February Aspect Conversions, who specialise in wheelchair adapted vehicles, came to demonstrate a Fiat Doblo, and we felt it would do the job. Another saga over 'my' front seat ensued, with Fiat proving to be just about the only manufacturer who appeared to have a problem with putting a height adjustable front seat in the passenger side as well as the driver's side. You'd think it would have been simple, just send over a left-hand drive driver's seat (after all Fiat aren't British) and affix it, wouldn't you? We did; Aspect Conversions did, but ... Anyway, the long and the short of it was that unless we could pay out c. £700 (an amount that shocked AC) we were stuck. So instead AC have raised the seat permanently for me (how mother-in-law will travel in it when she comes up and J fetches her from the airport, I know not), to give me the extra height I need to make me more comfortable.

And today our new addition was delivered. It's now sitting outside of my office window, whilst J takes the gentlemen who delivers the cars off to the station to catch the train for his eight hour journey back to where the company is based.

It's a rather lovely blue (I had the choice between blue or red, but blue was the obvious choice for more than one reason), and looks so tall - and the Volvo isn't a low car. It's boxy, which is in keeping with the Volvo really (it's an old 240 Estate) and is ready and waiting to take me and my wheelchair out. This means that we can now take short trips, and get to see some more of the area.

So despite not being a car person, my theory has always been if it gets me from A to B and back again, and is as comfortable and safe as I'm going to be, then what does it matter? (sorry sharpiesgal), I'm rather excited by our new arrival.

EDIT Picture will follow in due course.

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