June 19th, 2006

Teddy: Tatty (World)

NCIS Seasons (Not Gibbs/Ducky)

I've just been listening to a Mark Harmon interview in which he says that Season Three is the best season thus far. Basically he feels that the show has got better and better as it's gone on, and that Season Three was really what it was meant to be alike all along.

Now I know that Season Three really seemed take off in America in a way that the previous seasons hadn't. It received consistent high ratings and that surprised me, as does Mark's comments. For me, and I know for several of my friends, Season Three was the weakest season thus far. We felt that the show had lost its way and was going down hill; and I'm not just referring to the introduction of Madam Director (although she didn't help); it was far more than that.

So being the ever curious person I am, I thought I'd run a poll to try to ascertain what the feeling is generally as far as the 'best' season goes.

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Please feel free to pimp this if you wish to, I would like to get as wide an opinion as possible. Thank you.