May 17th, 2006

Christmas: Teddy (Window)

Just to let people know

I'm basically staying clear of LJ today until after I've watched the NCIS ep tonight.

Whilst so I haven't stumbled across a detailed spoiler that isn't behind a cut (and thanks to my f-list, and all Community owners who have made this a rule, and Community members for respecting it) I've read enough 'snippets' in stuff before the cut to make me realise that LJ is a dangerous place to be today. Plus, I know that sadly one of my friends has found out a spoiler via her f-list.

So I shall catch up with people later.

Who knows I actually might be able to make a dent in my inbox!
Christmas: Teddy (Window)

Aren't hubbies wonderful?

Mine certainly was today.

When I told him that I was avoiding LJ today and also stopped myself from mentioning something about the end of Season 2, which would have led on to something about Season 3, he suggested that we didn't wait until tonight to watch it. He even suggested we could watch it straight after breakfast :-) It wasn't actually converted or burnt at that time. However, once it was done, and he was back from walking Tansy, we did sit down and watch it.

I won't post anything about it here. But my opinions can be found on my ncis_gibbsducky Hiatus Part 2.

Thank you so much, J.