May 1st, 2006

Autumn: Leaves (Name)

Story Links - April 2006

Herewith links to the stories I wrote in April 2006 which weren't posted directly to my LJ. All are slash and all are Gibbs/Ducky.

I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

TITLE: Look Into My Eyes

SUMMARY: Gibbs overhears the team talking. Something he hears makes him need to go and visit Ducky in order to clarify something. An established relationship story.

TITLE: Unusual Revelations

SUMMARY: Set the evening of Lt. Jane Doe. Jethro goes around to Ducky's house to see if his old friend is all right. Mrs. Mallard answers the door and the conversation that ensues is not only surreal, but gives Jethro more than a little to think about. But can he believe anything that the old woman has said? And does he want to? A first time story.

TITLE: Definitions

SUMMARY: Ducky and Jethro define their lives. An established relationship story.

TITLE: The Strange Behavior Of Leroy Jethro Gibbs

SUMMARY: When Gibbs starts to behave strangely, Ducky is concerned. However, even he does not anticipate just what the strange behaviour means. And DiNozzo is shocked by what Ducky does. An established relationship story.

WARNING: More angsty than my usual stories, and perhaps slightly dark.

TITLE: Older Not Dead

SUMMARY: A bit of fluff really. Set during Heart Break. A comment made by Kate sends Jethro's mind to places that aren't work related. An established relationship story.

TITLE: There Be No Dragons

SUMMARY: It's 23rd April, Ducky awakes to find the bed empty and noises coming from the kitchen. He ventures downstairs to discover that Jethro has prepared a cooked breakfast for them and seems to be in an expectant mood. This is the third in my 'Occasions Universe', following on from A Fitting Tribute and Care Taking. Although it is part of the series, as with the other two it can be read quite easily as a stand alone story. An established relationship story.

TITLE: Not Just Anyone

SUMMARY: Set the same evening as Bête Noire. Ducky goes to see Jethro. However Jethro's reaction to his friend turning up, is not the one either man expected. A first time story.

WARNING: This story has some dark overtones, especially at the beginning.