April 11th, 2006

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Live Journal Posting Habits

Because I'm endlessly curious about how people do things, I thought I'd do a short poll on how people post.

I, for example, always, always, always use a LJ Client to make a top level post be it to my own journal or a community, be it two words or twenty-two thousand words.


Well I prefer the ease of formatting posts, the one I use is a little like MS Word in looks and 'feel', the ease of just popping links for pictures etc. into one of the options and all the coding is done. Also, the fact that I can spell check, and customise the spell checker as I go along (you can add to the dictionary), the fact that with one click I can insert a friend or community name. I can also change the place to where I'm posting with a single click, create polls, create filters, update friends, add tags, add the mood, the icon, etc. etc. everything you can do on LJ, I can do with this one thing. Oh, and I can save posts too, which I find immensely useful.

The Client I use is Semagic and it works for me. I looked at them all when I first got a journal, but this one just 'felt' right and very user friendly.

I have tried, when I first started to use LJ, to use LJ directly, but I personally found it terribly cumbersome and very unuser-friendly, plus it just didn't give me the flexibility I wanted.

And I was wondering how other people posted.

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LJ Posting - two

Ah, I've just discovered why I haven't been getting any email today, my ISP POP3 has been down - it explains a lot.

It has become clear from my other post that several people do not know what a LJ Client is. So briefly it's a downloadable program that offers you everything the LJ posting page does, but so much more. If you have dial-up it's great, as it allows you to prepare your posts off-line, log on and send them. If you're in the middle of a post and have to log-off for some reason, close your computer down and go away, you can just save the entry and come back to it later on - Semagic even auto-saves for you.

As I said in my original post, I started by using LJ directly, but found it very cumbersome. I really like the functionality and flexibility that the Client allows me. I personally for PC users would recommend Semagic, and from the results of the poll thus far, it does seem to be the most popular, but as you'll see from the poll, there are a total of twenty-six Clients spread across a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac and Handhelds.

LJ itself says:

FAQ Question #158

What is a downloadable client? Where can I get one?

A downloadable client offers the same functionality as the web client. However, most downloadable clients offer more than the basic posting functionality, sometimes extending even beyond the options listed on the web client.

Such features may include downloading entries, drafts of entries, friends list tracking, removal of misencoded characters, signatures, and substituting text or images in lj user tags. Not every client will have these capabilities; you can usually consult a client's documentation for specific details of the features it offers.

Downloadable clients are available at the Download a Client page. To find a client for your platform, select your platform from the list shown. Many clients run directly on the operating system that powers your computer (like Windows, Mac OS X, or Unix), but some run inside an application or will only run if you are able to use a particular programming language. These are listed separately. After you click on your desired platform, you'll be taken to a page that shows all the clients currently available for that platform. Here you will also find a brief description of the client and the client's journal.

You can download the client of your choice from that client's journal and/or its User Info page. Downloading a client will not automatically create a journal for you; you must already have a LiveJournal account in order to use a client.

Off to play catch up on various comments now that my email seems to be coming in!