February 7th, 2006

Teddy: Tatty (Pout)

Death Story Warnings Poll - Results

A week ago I did a poll on death story warnings, whether people want them and what kind of warning they want.

Thank you to everyone who participated in it. Like most if not all of these things, it showed that not only is there no consensus, but often what people want/do, differs depending on the fandom/the circumstances.

The comments also revealed that quite a few people want/need something different from what they actually warn for, people need/want less than they warn for. For example they personally might only want/need a warning for the death of the major pairing, but they will warn for more than that. Some people even said that although they personally don't need warnings, they would, even though they weren't forced to do so by the rules of a community/list, be likely to give death story warnings.

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