January 20th, 2006

Animals: Cat (Black & moon)

Fanfic Meme

Snaffled from m_lasha, as it looked intriguing.

Ten ways of knowing that I wrote this fic:

I think 'knowing' might be too strong a word, after all none of these things are exclusive to my fiction (are they?) So maybe it should be 'having a reasonable idea'.

1. It will be slash.

2. It will have a happy ending.

3. It will contain romance, not the soppy, slushy stuff, but love will be present.

4. 'I love you', will be said.

5. The pair will show one another that they care for and love each other.

6. There will be little detailed sex, certainly these days.

7. The lovemaking will not be kinky or heavy.

8. There will be kissing, even if there is no sex.

9. It's more likely to be an established relationship rather than first time story.

10. It won't be a WIP.
Animals: Cat (Black & moon)

I suppose it had to happen

Some of you who know my dislike for death stories might, therefore, be surprised to hear that I do write them. And as long as they conform to my idea of the 'right kind of death story', I will even read them. This means that it is not a story in which the surviving partner just gets on with his life, finds a new lover and is happy. Okay, so that is more realistic maybe, but . . . .

I normally write at least one death fic per fandom in which I write. Just to clarify, when I talk about death fic, I mean the death of one (or both) of my pairing, not the death of just anyone in the story.

So far this inclination had led to:

- One in Starsky & Hutch
- Three in Pros
- Two plot bunnies in MFU
- One plot bunny in DS

However, I had never had even the glimmer of an idea for a Gibbs/Ducky death fic.

Until . . . .

Guess what plot bunny comes scampering up in the middle of the night for some lettuce and carrots?

Yes, a damn death story one.

And of course knowing my plot bunnies, as I do, it won't go away again, until it's actually written. And it's not even as if I can use it for the 'death' prompt for fanfic100, as I'd already used that one up.

Now personally I blame aingeal8c ::waves to Aingeal::. Yesterday we were discussing my recent tendency to write fairly angsty stories, and I was giving her a brief outline of some of my most recent Gibbs/Ducky plots. Aingeal asked me if they ever got a happy ending, to which I replied, 'Of course. I personally don't see the point in putting them through hell and not giving them a happy ending'. This is purely my style, it's not right or wrong, it's what I do. Then we got onto death stories, and I was telling her this 'inclination' I had, and added that I'd no desire to write a G/D one, and didn't think I ever would.


That will teach me!!!

So be warned, my dear fellow Gibbs/Ducky fans, Nikki will be inflicting sharing a death story with you at some stage. However, rest assured a warning will be posted.
Animals: Cat (Black & moon)

And yet more LJ stuff

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