November 18th, 2005

Nature: Moon (Night)

Fiction: Steel/Silver

On the off chance that there might be another Steel/Silver fan, other than k1mono, sweetsorcery and myself, who has not yet discovered the rare_pair Community that maubast and I run, herewith a link to my latest Steel/Silver story.

TITLE: An Exchange of Gifts

SUMMARY: Written for the rare_pair 'Holiday' challenge. It's Easter, Silver gives Steel an Easter egg and receives a much greater gift in return that he could ever have hoped for.
Nature: Moon (Night)

A Challenge

To my Fraser/Kowalski, Gibbs/DiNozzo, and anime friends.

Okay, so Fraser/Kowalski and Gibbs/DiNozzo are two pairings that I not only do not see as slash pairs, but I also cannot see how anyone can see it. Please do not take offence at this, some of my closest friends are F/K fans, and I care about these people dearly, and truly respect their opinions/likes - after all I'm not saying anything against them personally.

I always like to try to show and interest in what my friends enjoy. I like to at least be able to understand from where they are coming, and what it is about a pairing that attracts them, draws them in, makes them have to read and/or write about that pairing, think about the pairing, etc., etc. Basically, all of the things that I do in respect of my pairings. And generally I can do this, at least to an extent. However, these two pairings leave me baffled.

So come on, explain to me, please what it is about these pairings that works for you, that draws you in. What do you see on screen that I don't see?

I won't be getting into either pairing, but I am genuinely interested and intrigued in why you are into them, and why they work for you.

Also, if anyone would like to explain the draw of anime, I would also be very interested.

Thank you kindly.
Nature: Moon (Night)

Established relationships vs. first timers, romance and on-screen relationships

Anyone who knows me will already know that I prefer established relationship (ER) stories to first time (FT) stories, and the longer I'm in fandom, the more I find myself wanting to read mainly ER stories.

It's not just as a reader that I prefer them, but also as a writer. Further down this post I show the break down of my stories by fandom and by genre.

What follows are my thoughts on why I prefer ER to FT stories, and how, IMO, it ties in with romance.

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