September 17th, 2005

Teddy: Tatty (Sleepy)

Now this is what I call success

Over the years I've been in fandom my hubby has been remarkably supportive and non-critical.

He's never complained about the amount of time (and money) that I've spent on it. He's never minded me having pictures of other men over my filing cabinets and office, or me burbling on about these other men. He shows an interest insofar as being pleased when I have something published, or win an award; he is also supportive if something has gone wrong and I'm upset or moaning.

He knows about the whole slash thing, knows I read it and write it, and whilst he has no interest in seeing any himself, doesn't mind in the slightest that I write and read it. I think the term he'd used to describe himself is 'bemused' about the whole thing, which I can understand - I'm sometimes bemused by the whole fandom thing :-)

However, whilst he'll listen to me making comments about episodes or themes, or comparing shows and even telling him plots of episodes, and he has seen a handful of them or rather bits of them, he's never been particularly interested in any of my shows (we do enjoy other shows together) -The Professionals, Due South, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - i.e. he's never wanted to sit down and watch the entire series.

Until now......

Now he is hooked on NCIS. He thoroughly enjoys it, and we have a great time discussing it, pretty much how I'd discuss it with my fandom friends sans the slash bits, over breakfast after we've watched it the previous evening. In fact at one point it was me suggesting that we had a break from watching it and watched something else.

There was a wonderful comment he made the other evening when we were watching Lieutenant Jane Doe. I happened to say that the reason Gibbs was even more demanding and acting like the bastard he claims to be, was because Ducky was upset. Hubby turns to me and says 'well, yes, even I had worked that out. They are old and close friends'.

Does this mean I've got him trained?