September 15th, 2005

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Twenty Random Facts

Tagged by my dear friend maubast. I'm pretty sure that most folk who know anything about me will know most of this stuff anyway, but here goes:

Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same number of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. Then, tag your friends... or enemies.

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I tag (apologies if you've been tagged, I know this started amongst some of my other friends last week).

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Because it's one of those days

When I ought to be emailing, but that part of my brain is currently still asleep.


Taken from green_key and eldritchhobbit as it looks kind of fun.

I want to have a complete soundtrack with one song from each of my friends. Pick one song (or more if you want) you want me to associate with you, then comment. You don't have to upload it. Just give me the name and artist, and I will find it myself. It can be your favourite song in the whole world, a recent favourite or just a song that you think really identifies you.
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Commenting on LJ Stories

A friend and I were discussing the whole process of commenting on stories, and I promised that I'd do a poll to see whether people commented on stories they liked/disliked and their main reason for doing so, or not doing so as the case may be.

So without further ado, here is the poll, please feel free to pimp this if you wish to.

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Google Blog Search

Duly passed along for anyone not on metafandom

blktauna mentioned this latest 'tool' on her LJ. Apparently this tool searches and shows your public Livejournal entries even if you have the box checked to block spiders/robots from indexing your journal.

almostnever on metafandom has suggested emailing Google and asking them to move your journal from their index and suggests a form of words