September 2nd, 2005

Christmas: Presents

Vanishing Act

My parents are arriving tomorrow for spend the week with us, well they are actually staying in a holiday cottage, but they'll expect to be with us for just about every waking hour. As a result I'm not going to be around much, if at all, after today. I shall try to get on-line each day, if only to do a quick scan through emails, LJ and list mail, but I can't promise.

So if you don't hear from me, and I do have several outstanding emails sitting in my in-box, for over a week - it'll take me several days once they've gone to recover and get back into the swing of things - please don't worry, I will be alive, just unfortunately not around. If you do need to contact me urgently, please do send an email and mark it 'priority', that way when I do get a chance to turn my computer on, I'll know that one needs attention.

I hope all my flist have a good weekend and a good week and I shall be around in spirit at least. Oh, well, at least I can think 'nice' thoughts, even if I can't actually write them down.
Christmas: Presents

Poll Results

About a week ago I did a little poll concerning whether people were prepared to follow links from LJs to read stories.

The results showed that most people (75.4%) would indeed follow a link to another LJ or website to read a story in a fandom/pairing they liked.

However, 11.6% of people wouldn't follow a link.

And 13.0% of people said it would depend.

The most common reason for 'it depends' was whether or not they were using a slow dial-up/other related computer issues. If they were using dial-up they probably wouldn't follow the link (although they might do so later if they had access to a faster connection), especially if the link took them off to graphic heavy pages.

Another reason was the mood of the reader at the time of the post, and also how much time they had.

Yet another reason was that it would depend on how much information was given in the post with the link. For example, if it included the kind of information (genre, brief summary, warnings, story length) that a lot of people put at the beginning of their stories, then they'd be more likely to follow it. If no information, other than fandom/pairing was given, then they probably wouldn't bother.

Overall 69 people did the poll, which I know isn't hugely representative, but it was interesting to see that although three-quarters would follow a link whatever, a quarter either wouldn't, or would if certain 'conditions' were met.

Thanks for everyone who filled out the poll and/or commented. I thought the results, whilst not necessarily being overly surprising, were interesting.