August 13th, 2005

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Email Woes

For some unbeknown reason my email isn't downloading at the moment - and hasn't been for the last couple of hours.

My web access if fine, but despite reboots, etc. the email won't play. ::sigh::

So if you don't hear from me today and are expecting to, that's why.
Animals: Rabbit (Flowers)

Email Woe Update

Okay, so it isn't my ISP (hubby can download and send email perfectly happily).

It seems as though it might be something to do with Norton, because if I turn of Internet Security all seems fine on my PC. I thought everything was fine on my laptop as it did download, but then I discovered that the anti-virus checker wasn't actually working (despite all the boxes being ticked). Now I did do a Norton upgrade last night, on both computers just before closing down for the night. So....

Having spent most of the morning trying to sort out the problem, hubby popped round to our neighbour (who runs a small computer business as his second job). The 'good' news - he's also having problems, the same kind of problems. No, he hasn't got Norton, but he has in the last couple of days done a Windows XP update, which - guess what - so have I. So......

Hopefully, he'll have time to pop round before he goes off to another job, just to see what he can suggest (if anything). Until then I don't think I'll turn Norton off and download, as despite having a Firewall on our network modem, which is very powerful and would catch any attacks, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Why today? Just when I thought I might even get caught up on email and beta'ing? Oh, well I can do some emails that are sitting in my in-box, I can do my beta'ing - I just can't send anything (email won't send either).

Anyone else with XP and Norton, or just, XP having problems? Having just done updates during the last couple of days?

So I am alive, frustrated, but alive.

maubast CB flew in safely today - thank you! I'm really looking forward to reading it.
Animals: Rabbit (Flowers)


So after an entire wasted day, I can now report that both computers are receiving and sending email!!!!

Neighbour couldn't get round, he was held up sorting some other problem out elsewhere, so being a tad impatient I decided to go for rolling it back to when it last worked and then trying again. No problem with the PC rolled back, updated Norton, downloaded email, updated Windows XP, downloaded email (with various reboots in-between - everything worked perfectly.

Turned to laptop. Rolled back. Updated Norton (two updates, just like PC), downloaded email - correction tried to download email! Same problem as before. So rolled back again and this time installed one Norton update, tried email - it worked. Then one by one I carefully downloaded and installed each Windows XP update (rebooting between each one, checking email between each one and setting a mark for a roll back between each one just in case). Finally, because the worst that could happen was a tiny roll back, I tried doing the other Norton update and .... Yes, it worked!!! Why it suddenly worked, I didn't ask. I'm just cautiously relieved (I'll be totally relieved tomorrow when it is still working).

I'm exhausted after my day and it was not how I intended to spend it. So I shall now go and relax and put my feet up and maybe have a glass of wine and tomorrow I can do all the things I was going to do today (hopefully). Not to mention catching up on today's stuff.