July 1st, 2005

Animals: Deer & Rabbit


We now have a shiny new Dolphin in our bathroom :-) And what a relief is.

After several days on living in what at times seemed like a building site (noise wise that is), I swear I thought the whole place was going to come down around my ears more than once, we are now fully fitted. Well almost.... Once again Dolphin managed to mess up slightly, they hadn't sent enough grab rails, so the fitter has to come back to fit the missing one. He was told that it would be delivered to us and be here for yesterday, so he turned up last night with two helpers this time, as he also had to lag the new pipes he'd installed and finish off the sealant in the shower - but no grab rail! Now you'd have thought, surely, that as he's off doing another job and has to drive a round trip of over 60 miles to come back to us, that Dolphin just might have rung us yesterday to check that the rail had arrived, so that they could advise him - wouldn't you? Actually, we didn't know that it was being delivered to us, we thought it was going directly to him. Although apparently for once we can't blame Dolphin, their couriers let them down (on several jobs) but they didn't tell Dolphin. So it's meant to be delivered today, and chappie has to come back, again, to fit it.

I keep expecting a call from Dolphin asking why we haven't paid the final (very small) payment yet, you hand it over to the fitter when they finish the job. But as hubby said, he's not signing anything off nor paying the final amount until the job is finished. And it isn't. So he's not! However, all that aside, it was so lovely this morning to have a shower whereby I could sit down during it and not end up totally exhausted when I'd finished. And it's wonderful to have loos that don't need horrible plastic seats to make them higher or require me to suffer whilst using them. So all in all it has to be said that I am happy.
Animals: Deer & Rabbit

Personality types

st_crispins suggested that we do a test to see if there's any consensus on Napoleon and Illya's personalities. It arose from a post by dinahmt.

Being the obliging, albeit slightly sceptical (I studied psychology for my first degree and have always maintained an interest in the subject, plus I've done more of these kinds of tests than I want to think about) person that I am, I have indeed taken the test - twice, once as Napoleon and once as Illya and here are my results. (Actually, I did it a third time, despite having done it many times before, as me).

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