June 16th, 2005

Teddy: Stethoscope


Yes another one - sorry :-)

Tell me, am I the only person who succumbed to the permanent account deal, now wondering how they ever managed with only 50 icons? I'm up to 90 already, and I swear I don't know how they got there.

Anyway, here is my latest, made for me by the lovely maubast
Teddy: Stethoscope

Very un-Britishlike behaviour

One of the first things we did when we moved into our new home, was to get Dolphin Bathrooms to come and sort out what we'd need to make our bathroom and loos disabled friendly. The designer who came out first was super, he took his time, didn't try to persuade us to go with the most expensive items, and really seemed to know his job. He was followed a week later by the surveyor, who was also super and spent hours (literally) measuring everything up precisely, so that the fitter would know exactly what he was doing. Even the men who delivered the stuff were great. So far, so good. We were really impressed.

However, the new shower, loo plinths, grab rails and new flooring were delivered four weeks ago today, at which point we had to pay the second instalment (the lion's share) consisting of four figures, and the first wasn't a one. We had been told that the fitters arrive about a week, maybe two, after delivery. Fine, great. But they didn't. I was getting no joy out of the person 'assigned' to arrange the fitting, the last two times I spoke to her I was told 'within two weeks'. So yesterday I decided that I'd try one more phone call and if that didn't work, I was taking it further.

Thus I rang them. My 'assigned' person wasn't there, so I spoke to someone else, who seemed very sympathetic and understanding, and agreed that four weeks was 'not on'. Even so I got the 'we're very busy'. At which point I said nicely and politely, that I understood that, however, this was simply not acceptable and I wished to take the matter further. I assured her that I wasn't getting at her or my assigned person. At which point she said if I'd give her a day, she'd see what she could sort out, and promised to get back to me either later yesterday or today.

Today I get a very deferential phone call from her telling me that they've fixed up a fitter to start next week. She can't give me the exact day today, but will ring again either tomorrow or Monday at the latest to let me know. So it looks as though finally in about two weeks (we were told the work is likely to take about seven days) I should finally have my bathroom and not have to struggle every time I have a shower and each time I go to the loo.

Why is it though that I felt bad about having to basically 'threaten', albeit in a very polite, gentle way, to get something done? Is is just a case that we Brits don't tend to complain?