March 14th, 2005

Teddy: Sleeping

Back in control

This is probably a dangerous thing to say, but what the heck....

After what seems like weeks, but in fact is only several days, of feeling that I was constantly swimming upstream and fighting a losing battle, I now feel as though I am back in control. :Gulp:

I have got all my edits back to the editors, although I know there are two more to come. Question to maubast: Do you have to have your zine deadlines at the same time? [I'm only teasing, as you know]. I guess it serves me right for writing in more than one fandom :-))

I have caught up with my LJing and replies.

And I have just about caught up with my email - I hope. If anyone is waiting for a personal reply and has been waiting now for over a week, please resend the email, as I clearly didn't receive it.

I have a little job to do for a very dear friend of mine, which I'm really looking forward to. And after I've done that I can, hopefully, turn my mind back to doing some writing.