March 3rd, 2005

Winter: Trees (Fantasy)

Woolly mimmoth found in Scotland

On Sunday we decided it was time to subject Tansy to a bath. Normally this is nothing special. It isn't her favourite part of her life, but apart from a few attempts to clamber out of the sink onto the draining board and drinking her bath water, hubby wins the battled.

However, our cottage doesn't have a sink large enough to put her in - and she's only a Westie - so she had to be done in the bath with the shower. This she did not like, I think she felt very insecure even though she was on a non-slippery bath mat.

However hubby and she both survived (as did the bathroom) and I did my usual task of drying her with my hair-dryer, so for a short time at least she actually looks fairly white.

Here is a picture of her on 'her' red pouffe the morning after her bath. She needs a brush, and a trim, but nonetheless this is our Tansy.

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Winter: Trees (Fantasy)

The latest news on our house

We've had the survey valuation back, it was slightly less than we had offered, but that was to be expected - surveyors are always cautious, I've never seen a report that matches the purchase price - and it wasn't enough to worry us or the Bank. We've also received our mortgage offer (well it had really been pre-approved as we're borrowing less than the amount we paid back when we sold down in England), so we're completely ready.

The two Solicitors are playing 'ping pong' or 'chess', or whatever they call it - which isn't something that happens down in England - trying to agree the missives so that they can be signed and exchanged (or whatever the technical term in Scotland is. Our Solicitor did his bit, they came back with counter-suggestions, we wanted those amended slightly to put back in a couple of things their side had taken out, so it's now back in their hands. We're hoping that the final paperwork for the missives can be agreed by the end of next week - if not sooner. Our Solicitor seems to turn things around over-night, their's, unfortunately, seems a fair bit slower. However, I believe that everything is still on course - it had better be otherwise we're homeless after 21st April!!!

Hubby keeps telling me that I'm worrying unnecessarily and that I was expecting too much of the Scottish Conveyancing System - and he's probably correct :-) By nature I'm a realistic-pessimist or even a pessimistic-realist, but when I do allow this side of me to be overtaken by optimism, I sometimes get carried away - I was expecting to have 'exchanged' already.