February 15th, 2005

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An upset

I received an email from someone with whom I had been friends almost since getting into fandom, and part of it both upset and peeved me. If you are interested in what might be considered to be a tad self-indulgent, please read on.

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Teddy: Sleeping

House News

Well we have done it!

We have made an offer (subject to survey) on a bungalow. It was one of the ones we viewed for third time (well third for hubby, second for me) on Sunday. The offer has been accepted by the sellers with an agreed date of entry of mid-April. Therefore, unless the survey turns up something really weird, and given that the property was only built in 1998/9, it shouldn't do, or it values it significantly lower than our offer, then we can now stop dashing around Scotland. I swear that I've seen almost as much of Scotland in the three weeks we have been looking than I saw of England in the forty years I lived there - I exaggerate, but not by that much!

So on the one hand I'm (we're) really delighted, happy, pleased and excited, on the other I'm having the normal 'have we done the right thing? Is this the right property'? thoughts that always go with this kind of decision. After all a house is most people's most expensive purchase, and we plan to make this our final move.

Apart from a few disabled adaptations, that would have needed doing in virtually any property, the bungalow really is in 'move in' condition. Yes, we've made some compromises, but unless one has unlimited funds, there are always compromises to be made. The area doesn't contain quite such stunning and spectacular views as some areas we've been to, but they are still very pleasant and enjoyable, and hopefully should inspire me to do some more writing - something that I've done very little of since we moved. The property itself is the nicest we have seen, thus even with the few compromises - the biggest really being the location, we had hoped to stay around the Stirling - we are happy with our choice.

So now we are waiting on the survey and then the legal stuff that needs signing and exchanging, etc. then we really can relax for a few weeks, prior to getting into 'moving' mode.