February 5th, 2005

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Five Fictional People Meme

Gacked from maubast and caffyolay - amongst others.

List five fictional people -- from television, movies, books, whatever -- that you had a crush on as a child (or early teens). Then post this on your LiveJournal so other people can know what a dork you've always been.

1. Steel (from Sapphire & Steel). I didn't see MFU as a teenager, but I know had I done so Illya Kuryakin would be topping this list!

2. Sherlock Holmes.

3. Spock from Star Trek: TOS

4. Steve McGarrett (from Hawaii 5O)

5. Raffles (the gentleman burglar).

Intellect seems to be the over-riding factor - and, I have to say, still is to a large extent.
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A bit of a moan

I'm irritated!! Very irritated.

I knew that I was getting a package of DVDs today (to do with DMc) that needed signing for. Thus, I made certain that I got up early - the postman here has been known to come any time from as early as 7:00 a.m. and as late as 3:30 p.m.!!! I ensured that the sitting room and porch doors were open as the letterbox has one of these draft excluders on it, so it's virtually impossible to hear, but I thought I'd hear his van. I hurried through breakfast, didn't have any music or machines on - I was that determined to catch him.

Needless to say he managed to somehow come, knock (I assume) and go away again after leaving me a little card telling me that he had tried to deliver a parcel that a) needed signing for and b) was too large to go through the letterbox!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still don't know how he managed it. So I'm fed up.

Current Read: A Pocket Full of Rye - Agatha Christie
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Properties, properties and more properties

Well hubby is on his way back after several full days of looking at properties. And he has had an interesting time (I think), well it wasn't a wasted one I'm pleased to report!

Of the thirteen properties he viewed he ruled out six completely. One he actually didn't even get inside after discovering that the north face of the Eiger was the only way to get into the bungalow!!! And a couple of these proved just what good story tellers some Estate Agents are. 'Some modernisation needed', meant, basically the place needed gutting and starting again!! One of the 'dismissed' ones was a superb property but, it would have been too difficult for me to get into or out into the garden - even Tansy would have apparently struggled to get up to the lawn. Another one was again a lovely property, but it overlooked on ever side, you could see clearly into next door from the conservatory, etc.

Three properties were maybes. One in particular was very nice, but the area (Fraserburgh) seemed very depressed and run down, and another one had several flat roofs, and surveyors hate flat roofs.

However, that leaves four properties that he really liked and felt that he could live in - and he thought I'd like them too :-) I had 'graded' all of them before he toddled off, based purely on the written particulars, and these were either 1s or 2s. One of them (Edderton) may be offered on very shortly, however, the owners will let us know. Two of them (Buckie and Easter Crudie) we are going back to see on Monday and the other one was in Invergordon and I hope to fix a trip up there (to take in another three properties that have come on to the market since I sent hubby off) on maybe Wednesday.

We have also (note solo) just received details of a property in Bannockburn too that looks interesting and different. I shall show this to hubby when he gets back and see what he thinks about it. At least being near to where we are, we can drive out quite easily and see what it is like. It's a house and ideally we'd prefer a bungalow, but we haven't totally ruled houses out. The main thing is that it doesn't appear to have a garden - which Tansy would not approve of.

So who knows, we just might be close to finding our new home......
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Suddenly without any house viewings to arrange, NCIS or Judge John Deed episodes to watch, I find myself not knowing quite what to do with myself.

I'm too restless (and exhausted, if I'm honest) to settle to writing or even reading (a sure sign that I'm 'not myself'), so I thought I'd bore you with my order of preference of the NCIS characters.

Based on Season 1 and the first ten episodes of Season 2.

1. Ducky
2. Gibbs
=3. McGee
=3. Abby
5. Kate
6. Tony