February 3rd, 2005

Teddy: Tatty (Flowers)

TV Viewings

One thing about being alone for a couple of days and not having to go out house hunting is that I have been able to catch up on some viewing - in fact I've had quite an orgy.

Over the last two days I have indulged myself with the following:

Two Judge John Deed episodes. Oh, I do so wish John and Joe would stop faffing around and get together permanently. They are just so right together and make a super couple. I doubt if I'll be able to watch episode three, before I record episode four tonight, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the two episodes of this current series. This role is my second favourite of all the parts Martin Shaw has played - my first being, of course, Ray Doyle in The Professionals.

Several (I refuse to say how many) NCIS Season Two episodes. I am, in fact, beginning to think of offering them my services, having spotted the perp as soon as they appeared to in most of the episodes.

I do not see any slash in NCIS, none at all. I am aware that there are several couples - some slash, some het - but I personally do not see any pairing. If someone held a gun to my head and demanded that I came up with a slash couple, it would have to be Gibbs/Ducky. The reasons for this being: Gibbs is less unpleasant to Ducky - well apart from not letting him finish his stories - than he is to anyone else; Ducky calls Gibbs Jethro and they have a relationship that goes back many years, and they are clearly very comfortable with one another. However, this doesn't, for me at least, constitute a slash relationship in this show, but it would be the pairing I'd go with if absolutely forced to. My main reason for watching NCIS is Ducky, however, I do also like Gibbs.