December 31st, 2004

Flowers: Pink (Spring)

It's a good job .....

.... We weren't planning on doing anything for New Year's Eve, because I wouldn't be.

I really thought that I'd fought and beaten hubby's cold, but no, it decided to attack me. Except at the moment it's not an actual cold, it's gone to my throat (as it always does, I've always been susptible in that area) which is very sore and my glands hurt. On top of that I'm running a tempreture and have that 'difficulty in breathing' feeling in my nose, without it actually being blocked up.

Thus, although I know I shouldn't what with all the real problems in the word, I am nonetheless feeling sorry for myself. So I thought I'd test out one of the LJ Clients and see what happens.

Current Read: Oxford Shadows - Veronica Stallwood.
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