December 28th, 2004

Animals: Cat (Black & moon)

Oops - Caught!

Large box repacked and stuff split into smaller boxes, so it can now be moved. One lot of things - fannish mugs - have now been repacked three times; I swear they are not changing boxes again.

Hubby decided to look in the DVD and video cabinets - oops. Now when we first got our DVD player we kind of decided that we wouldn’t buy anymore videos - in fact we got rid of all those that could eventually be replaced on DVD. However, there are now quite a few videos that have somehow managed to find their way into the cabinets - it’s amazing how these things have a life of their own. 0:-)

“Why have you got these?” he asks, holding up the Ancient Prophecy videos.
“David McCallum narrates them,” say I brightly.

This goes on for two or three videos, until he gets the picture and stops asking and just rolls his eyes.

Then he moves on to the DVDs, pulls out one and looks askance at me - it is not my genre of film at all. However, once again, he works out just why I have it, even before I have to say anything.