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Slash on American TV

Okay, so what is going on with American Producers at the moment?

As anyone who knows me will know I don't watch TV with my slash hat or glasses on. I don't go looking for slash and I certainly don't have to have slash in a show to enjoy it. Ninety-nine percent of the time I watch a show and I watch the show, I don't find myself thinking 'oh, look they're together'. And I don't, apart from my pairings, see slash every where, and even with my pairings I'm not actually sitting there specifically looking for a slash interaction and trying to make one out of nothing.

However . . .


Okay, so those of you who have read my NCIS episode reviews and odd comments will know that I've been saying every since this current season began that DPB seems to be trying to please all the slash (and to be fair het) pairing people, and then some.

The only slash pairing, as you know, I see are Gibbs/Ducky, and until this season I would really have to have squinted to see any evidence at all of any other slash pairing; Abby/McGee is the other pairing I've seen and I do like them, a lot.

However, this season DPB has catered to virtually all pairings, slash, femslash and het; some of these 'hints' have been blatant, others not so.

With my 'pairing' hat on, in fact not with my pairing hat on as if I'm looking for a pairing in NCIS, then it's Gibbs/Ducky, and also to a lesser extent Abby/McGee, I have seen hints of the following pairings in the first six episodes:

Jimmy/Agent Lee

Oddly enough the only slash pairing of which I haven't seen any evidence this season is the one that I thought DPB was going to make canon based on Season Three, and that's Jenny/Ziva.

Now most of these pairings I cannot see at a 'I want to see slash/het' level; some to a small extent 'trouble' me as I see the relationships in other ways, and some I would never see in the proverbial month of Sundays. So, for me to actually sit there and pick the 'evidence' out, is quite something.


It now seems that the Producer of House, M.D. has got in on the act as well.

Now I  really like House, I like the interaction, the characters, the team, the humour, dialogue, sarky House, (and I can understand House and his pain, etc. in  a way that fortunately most people won't be able to). However, for me it is a team show. I don't ship anyone in any way, shape or form, although I know that the main slash pair are House/Wilson, and I admit that over the first two seasons there have been some plays on that pairing.

However, any House/Wilson fans must be salivating after Tuesday night's episode! Not only did we have the whole issue of House trying to find out if Wilson had a new girl-friend, including breaking into her locker and generally behaving like a jealous lover, we had a little scene where he was talking about Wilson needing a weekend away (in order to attempt to ascertain whether Wilson was taking the nurse to the jazz concert), and Wilson kind of asking House if he was asking him to go away with him. Indeed, Wilson seemed quite taken with the idea!

I can only begin to imagine how many stories that episode will spawn.

What is going on with American Producers? Have they suddenly decided to 'legitimise' slash?
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