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We've bought a house....

... Well a bungalow, actually :-)

We received a letter from our Solicitor this morning informing us that the game of 'ping pong' had ended and everything had been agreed - so it's now ours. We haven't signed anything, which for us is weird, and won't do so until near actual completion, but that is apparently how it works here in Scotland. Our Solicitor said that people moving to Scotland from other places find that very strange. However, he assures us that we have bought it - strictly speaking he's bought it on our behalf, but it amounts to the same thing.

Another bit of good news is that we get to complete a week earlier than we'd originally planned, so it's now ours on 7th April. This was at the seller's suggestion, which surprised us, as when they accepted our original offer they said that they'd almost certainly have to move into rented accommodation as their new house is being built. Therefore, we have two weeks between taking possession and having to leave the cottage, which will be better for us and less of a rush. The removal company are bringing all of our stuff up from storage in England on 12th/13th April and hubby will move the stuff that we have here at the cottage.

Needless to say we are both really happy and can now get on with making plans.
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