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Woolly mimmoth found in Scotland

On Sunday we decided it was time to subject Tansy to a bath. Normally this is nothing special. It isn't her favourite part of her life, but apart from a few attempts to clamber out of the sink onto the draining board and drinking her bath water, hubby wins the battled.

However, our cottage doesn't have a sink large enough to put her in - and she's only a Westie - so she had to be done in the bath with the shower. This she did not like, I think she felt very insecure even though she was on a non-slippery bath mat.

However hubby and she both survived (as did the bathroom) and I did my usual task of drying her with my hair-dryer, so for a short time at least she actually looks fairly white.

Here is a picture of her on 'her' red pouffe the morning after her bath. She needs a brush, and a trim, but nonetheless this is our Tansy.

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