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Thank You

Just to say thank you to everyone for all the moving comments, emails, e-cards and virtual gifts I've received about Tansy.

They are all very much appreciated. I shall reply to them individually in due course, because so many of them were so very personal. However, I wanted to let you all know how touched both J and I are by the affection that you've all shown.

As so many of you said, we did the right thing, we know that; we always knew that, and we always knew that we would do it, but that doesn't alter the fact that it was a tough thing to do - emotionally.

A few of you asked whether we'd be getting another dog. We had always said that we wouldn't because with both of us having health/disability issues, taking on another dog might be more than we could cope with. However, sensibly we've packed all her paraphernalia away (how can one little dog have so much?) for now, on the grounds that it would be daft to get rid of it all and then change our minds. If we do decide to get another one though, it won't be until next spring, in fact we won't make a final decision until then.

The house is so quiet without her, and she wasn't a noisy dog, not at all, and very empty. I still keep checking before I move anywhere and being extra careful as I keep expecting her to try to trip me up, and we've both done the 'is Tansy out'? thing, but that's to be expected.

So just again, thank you all so very much for the affection and hugs and caring.
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