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Keeping up to date with LJ news

If anyone would like to keep up to date with the various changes to LJ, but do not wish to join all the various official LJ news/information communities, the_lj_herald is a general source community.

It says this about what it is:

Disclaimer: this is not an official community. We are not employees of LiveJournal/Six Apart nor are we Support volunteers.

Our purpose: give you information about the newest security issues, connection issues, bugs, bug fixes, maintenance events, official announcements, recent changes, upcoming changes and staff changes. This newsletter is published as often as possible.

Rules: no rudeness, no spam, no trolls. Anonymous comments have been disabled.
You can't join the community but you can watch it.

Our sources: our sources of information are public and reliable and we provide links to all sources used in each post.
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